Fall TV Scorecard 2015

Adjusted Score: -1%
Critics Consensus:

Adjusted Score: 43580%
Critics Consensus: Focusing on special effects and unearned melodrama at the expense of the original's initially intriguing narrative, Heroes Reborn is a series revival with seemingly limited prospects.

Adjusted Score: 50342%
Critics Consensus: While adding nothing new to the established medical procedural formula, Dick Wolf's Chicago Med hits its familiar beats forcefully enough to satisfy a few genre enthusiasts.

Adjusted Score: 47886%
Critics Consensus: Kurt Sutter's The Bastard Executioner doesn't want for dark thrills, but it unfortunately has more enthusiasm for brutality and gore than necessary narrative focus.

Adjusted Score: 65580%
Critics Consensus: Into the Badlands is loaded with off-kilter potential that's left largely unfulfilled -- although its well-choreographed action sequences should satisfy martial arts fans.

Adjusted Score: 51168%
Critics Consensus: While not reinventing the stethoscope, Code Black is an above-average medical drama, with appropriately theatrical storylines that make up for sometimes cheesy dialogue.

Adjusted Score: 70816%
Critics Consensus: Too tasteless for mainstream viewers and too silly for horror enthusiasts, Scream Queens fails to satisfy.

Limitless: Season 1 (2015)

Adjusted Score: 59477%
Critics Consensus: Even with a likable hero, Limitless cannot overcome its credulity-straining premise and shaky, hole-riddled narrative.

Adjusted Score: 58961%
Critics Consensus: Its nuanced female relationships makes Flesh and Bone a realistic portrayal of a professional ballet company, though it suffers from a lack of levity.

Adjusted Score: 64477%
Critics Consensus: High stakes and bawdy plots make Blood & Oil's plain premise and characters tolerable.

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