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Parental Guidance: 42, Scary Movie 5

We give you what you need to know about the family-friendliness of this week's new releases.

by | April 11, 2013 | Comments


This week, 42 brings the heroic, inspirational story of Jackie Robinson’s color barrier-breaking rookie season to the big screen. Does it do the great ballplayer justice? And is it safe for family viewing? And what about the latest installment of Scary Movie? Read on to find out.

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What’s it about? Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) becomes the first African American to play in the majors when he signs with the Brooklyn Dodgers, and his inspired play and unimpeachable character strike a blow against prejudice.

Who’s it for? It’s rated PG-13 “for thematic elements including language.” Robinson suffered from a torrent of verbal abuse from opposing players, fans, and even teammates on occasion, so you can expect he film will have its share of slurs.

Is it any good? Critics say 42 may be overearnest and predictable, but it’s a moving tribute to an American hero.

Scary Movie 5


What’s it about? The fifth installment of the venerable spoof series offers more of the same: satirical jabs at contemporary horror movies, with a bunch of famous people in cameos.

Who’s it for? It’s rated PG-13 “for crude and sexual content throughout, language, some drug material, partial nudity, comic violence and gore.” It’s pretty juvenile stuff, though not for juveniles; your teenagers will probably not be traumatized by it.

Is it any good? We’d love to tell you, but it hasn’t been screened for critics.