The Most Anticipated TV and Streaming Shows of 2023: New and Returning Shows We Can't Wait to See

From new seasons of The Witcher, Loki, and The Bear to new shows like Justified: City Primeval, The Boys spinoff Gen V, and more, here are the TV and streaming series that we're excited about this year.

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A few years after COVID-19 threw a wrench into Hollywood’s production schedule, TV’s soothing, luminescent glow was shining as bright as ever in 2022. An estimated 599 scripted TV shows premiered that year, according to FX Research. And, provided that a writers’ strike or merger-related cancellations don’t derail things too much just as we’re getting back in the groove, 2023 may not be far behind.

To give you a heads up on what’s coming, we scoured the upcoming releases of new and returning shows on streamers, cable, and good old-fashioned broadcast TV to make this list of programs we’re eager to watch in 2023.

Some of these shows include spin-offs of known franchises like the premiere of Disney+’s Star Wars series Ahsoka, starring Rosario Dawson, and the second season of Marvel series Loki, starring Tom Hiddleston. Some are prequels, reboots, or continuations of old shows like Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story and limited series Justified: City Primeval. Some are book adaptations, like Netflix’s The Witcher and XO Kitty. And some, like HBO’s Succession and The CW’s The Flash, will be joining us for the last time.

We’ll update this list as more TV and streaming shows are confirmed for 2023 and trailers are released, so bookmark this page and check back often!

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White House Plumbers 67% (HBO)

Premiere Date: Monday, May 1

Description: Directed by Veep showrunner David Mandel and created by Alex Gregory and
Peter Huyck — who also wrote for that political comedy — the series stars Woody Harrelson as E. Howard Hunt and Justin Theroux as G. Gordon Liddy in a telling of the infamously flawed Watergate break-in. It’s based on the book Integrity: Good People, Bad Choices, and Life Lessons from the White House by Egil “Bud” Krogh, an official under Richard Nixon who served time for his role in this act of political stupidity, and his son Matthew Krogh.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: The March premiere date and the flashy cast (other stars include Domhnall Gleeson as John Dean, Gary Cole as Mark Felt, and Rich Sommer as Bud himself) mean that HBO will push hard for this miniseries to lead the limited series Emmy categories. But, with comedies like the movie Dick and more series stories like the Starz miniseries Gaslit, do we really need to keep kicking around Nixon? Given the state of American politics, the answer to that question is yes. The amount of stupid officials doing stupid things didn’t stop (or start) with Watergate, and it’s important to not forget this part of our history when it’s easy to consider all those who held the Oval Office to be titans. Plus, this one includes Theroux in a ridiculous mustache. –WF

Premiere Date: Thursday, May 4

Description: This half-hour live-action comedy is a heightened, fictionalized version of Pete Davidson’s real life. The series will combine grounded storytelling with absurd elements from the comedian’s unfiltered, and completely original, worldview.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: With so much of SNL alum Davidson’s life played out for all the world to see in tabloids and in his own work, it’s only fitting we see a semi-fictional version of it on TV (well, streaming). The guest stars alone (including Jon Stewart, John Mulaney, Bobby Cannavale and Steve Buscemi, who starred with Davidson in his semi-autobiographical film, The King of Staten Island) — plus Edie Falco as a version of Davidson’s mom — make it worth the watch. –JL

Premiere Date: Thursday, May 4

Description: Dearest gentle readers, one can never truly know someone’s intentions until they know that person’s history. And so, Netflix offers a six-part prequel to Bridgerton centered around the formative years of eventual avid Lady Whistledown reader, Queen Charlotte (portrayed here by India Ria Amarteifio).

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Queen Charlotte — actor Golda Rosheuvel’s scandal-loving (and -making) interpretation of King George III’s wife, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz — is a fan-favorite of Bridgerton watchers. But little is told in the series about her life or that of her husband’s, even if it has alluded to his mental health and their complicated partnership. While it’s unlikely this series will strive for the historical accuracy devoted to something like Netflix’s other show about a monarchy, The Crown, it will devote screen-time to a queen’s rise to power in a male-dominated world (remember, this is an era where a woman’s entire reputation can be ruined if she’s caught being alone with a man for even a minute). The show will also depict younger version of Adjoa Andoh’s quick-witted Lady Danbury (portrayed here by Arsema Thomas) and Ruth Gemmell’s eventual Bridgerton family matriarch Violet (portrayed here by Connie Jenkins-Greig). –WF

Premiere Date: Friday, May 5

Description: Based on Hugh Howey’s hugely popular sci-fi books, Silo tells the story of a civilization of human survivors after a cataclysmic event. They are now living inside a giant silo that is burrowed hundreds of stories under ground. Disconnected from history and the generations that came before them, this society is bound by rules and regulations meant to protect its citizens from the toxic world outside … or control them.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Stories based on books about dystopian futures are not new to television, especially after the success of shows like Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale and HBO’s Station Eleven. But Silo feels different; it begs its citizens (and viewers) to solve the philosophical mystery of human existence in a world where information is censored and those who know the truth have the ultimate power. Showrunner Graham Yost and Howey teamed to bring the story to the small screen after years in development (LaToya Morgan was once attached to adapt the book for AMC). It also has a talented cast that include David Oyelowo, Rashida Jones, Tim Robbins, Rebecca Ferguson, and Common. – AP

Premiere Date: Wednesday, May 10

Description: Equal parts character drama and suspense thriller, Class of ‘09 is created by The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’s Tom Rob Smith and follows a class of FBI agents through three different timelines as their lives and career trajectories intersect with changes in the U.S. criminal justice system. These include the broad — artificial intelligence; criminal justice procedures — and the personal, such as the long-lasting impact personal choices can have on one’s legacy.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: The themes of the series are poignant and thought-provoking, paving the way for an intriguing program to play out. Plus, there’s the roster of talent that include Oscar nominee and Atlanta alum Brian Tyree Henry, Emmy nominee Kate Mara, Sepideh Moafi, Brian J. Smith, and Jon Jon Briones. – AP

Premiere Date: Friday, May 12

Description: Start your cursing. The expletive-laden comedy about infamous Russian empress Catherine (Elle Fanning) and her conflicted relationship with her meathead husband Peter (Nicholas Hoult) returns with some more family drama. The couple still have to grapple with the state of their relationship after she tried to kill him — and after he slept with her mother (which contributed to her death). This season will also see Peter still frustrated that he can’t live up to the legacy of his dad, played by Jason Isaacs — who returns this season to torture his son from behind the grave.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Creator Tony McNamara’s historical drama ended its second season with Catherine overthrowing her entire court, including her confidant Marial (Phoebe Fox). History also teaches that Catherine only has so many more years left of putting up with her noxious husband before she really does take him out. So will this season find Fanning’s lead alone among wolves once again? –WF

Premiere Date: May 17

Description: Not to be confused with the Sela Ward–Swoosie Kurtz family drama of the ’90s (or the Amy Poehler–Tina Fey movie comedy of 2015), this dramedy is written by and stars Barry actress Sarah Goldberg and her best friend, Irish actress Sarah Stanley (Fair City). They play strangers, one in Canada and one in Ireland, who only learn they share a father after Goldberg’s character’s mother dies. What results is an awkward and emotional get-to-know-you roadtrip across Ireland to track down their estranged dad, Donal Logue’s Jimmy.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Can a show be heartfelt and deal with generational trauma? SisterS seeks to find out. It also has a stellar supporting cast that, in addition to Logue, include Irish actress Sophie Thompson (Gosford Park; Feel Good). –WF

Premiere Date: Thursday, May 18

Description: A follow-up series to the hit To All the Boys movies and books, this YA rom-com focuses on Anna Cathcart’s Kitty — the most well-meaning, but meddlesome, matchmaker in her Northern California neighborhood. In these stories, Kitty set off a series of events that made her sister Lara Jean (Lana Condor) find true love (or at least as far as it’s defined in high school) and taught many audience members about the Korean yogurt smoothie known as Yakult. Now it’s time for a teen Kitty to have her own romance(s).

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Author Jenny Han’s To All the Boys books and the subsequent movies, are charming and, for adult viewers, nostalgia-triggering. This series about the breakout character is set in South Korea, which has also made a mark in American programming via streaming. This show is just asking to be binge-watched on a lazy Saturday — perhaps done while cuddling with a paramour in front of a laptop even though the big-screen TV is right there. –WF

Premiere Date: Monday, May 22

Description: In the epic and unmissable final season, Sergeant Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) — on the cusp of retirement, but still battling the drugs plaguing her community — discovers the remains of a gangland murder victim. This sparks a chain of events that lead her straight back to murderer and rapist Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton), the father of her now 16-year-old grandson, Ryan (Rhys Connah). And while Catherine still refuses to acknowledge Tommy as his father, Ryan is old enough to decide what kind of a relationship he wants to have with the man.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: The brilliant and dogged copper Catherine became a breakout role for Lancashire. We can only hope that Catherine can finally receive some closure for the crimes Tommy has committed against her family. –JL

Premiere Date: Wednesday, May 24

Description: Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, James Hong and Stephanie Hsu continue to be everything, everywhere, all at once this year. They are part of actor and writer Kelvin Yu’s adaptation of Gene Luen Yang’s graphic novel about an awkward high schooler who gets sucked into a battle among Gods of Chinese mythology.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: We’ve seen premises like this before (hi, Neil Gaiman). But this take is considerably less bloody than American Gods and also comes with some exceptionally stylized fight — and flight — sequences. The cast also includes noted actors like Daniel Wu, Poppy Liu, and Rosalie Chiang. –WF

Premiere Date: Wednesday, May 24

Description: Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen star in this 10-episode comedy about former friends who reunite after a long rift. The friendship quickly becomes all-consuming and destabilizes their lives.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Created by a fitting pair — Friends From College creators and married couple Francesca Delbanco and Nick Stoller — the series seemingly seeks to answer Nora Ephron’s age-old question of whether heterosexual men and women can ever be friends. It also has a fun supporting cast that include Guy Branum and Janet Varney. –WF

Premiere Date: Sunday, June 4

Description: The long-awaited series from Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, musician Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye and Reza Fahim, it stars Lily-Rose Depp as an up-and-coming musician who has a nervous breakdown. She then resolves to reclaim her title while also getting involved with a self-help guru/cult leader played by Tesfaye.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Mired in controversy after a Rolling Stone feature depicted behind-the-scenes conflicts that suggested the show was going off the rails, the series also follows Daisy Jones and the Six as a show where the offspring of a famous musician depicts the complicated world of music stardom. In addition to this being late actress Anne Heche’s final TV role, the cast also includes Da’Vine Joy Randolph as a soul singer, Hari Nef as a transgender model, and actual The Weeknd music producer Mike Dean as a (well) music producer. This could come with the gritty, dangerous edge that Levinson developed for Euphoria. Or it could be a trainwreck. –WF


The shows that should keep you glued to your screens while the sun outside melts the sidewalk.

Amanda Seyfried and Tom Holland in "The Crowded Room,"

Amanda Seyfried and Tom Holland in The Crowded Room (Photo by Stephanie Mei-Ling/Apple TV+)

Premiere Date: Friday, June 9

Description: The 10-episode limited series stars Tom Holland as Danny Sullivan, a man who is arrested following his involvement in a shooting in New York City in 1979. A thriller told through a series of interviews with curious interrogator Rya Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried), Danny’s life story unfolds, revealing elements of the past that shaped him and the twists and turns that will lead him to a life-altering revelation.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Holland aims for an Emmy with his performance in the drama — and he might just get one. Seyfried, too, shines as Rya, who is driven to unravel the shooting’s central mystery.

Premiere Date: Thursday, June 15

Description: Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) continues to aid the developing friendship between Spock (Ethan Peck) and Jim Kirk (Paul Wesley), as the latter is now a recurring character. But like the first season, the Enterprise will continue to boldly go into episodic explorations of the galaxy.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Strange New Worlds is the break-out modern Star Trek show because it returns to the format’s core principles of the episodic adventure while also adapting the on-going character arcs of brethren like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Discovery. Additionally, the new season will feature a crossover with the animated Star Trek: Lower Deck. This means we will see that show’s Tawny Newsome and Jack Quaid play live-action versions of their animated characters from that show. –EA

Premiere Date: Wednesday, June 21

Description: S.H.I.E.L.D. company man Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) returns to Earth after some time away to face off against a threat only he can stop. Or, at least, that’s what he says he’s back to do. Meanwhile, a faction of shape-shifting (and evil-doing) Skrulls infiltrate every level of Earth society as a prelude to invasion.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: With this long-promised Nick Fury story, we’re looking forward to Jackson finally taking the starring slot in an Marvel Cinematic Universe tale after appearing getting significantly less screen time in the MCU films. Beyond that, the program is meant to be the first of Marvel’s television initiatives to feature an “event” story (think of the crescendo caused by The Snap at the end of the film Avengers: Endgame, which surprised audiences by putting several heroes in peril). Will it lead to surprise reveals about characters we’ve met being Skrulls all along? We can’t wait to find out. –EA

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Premiere Date: Vol 1: June 29, Vol 2: July 27

Description: As monarchs, mages, and beasts of the Continent compete to capture her, Geralt takes Ciri into hiding, determined to protect his newly-reunited family against those who threaten to destroy it. Entrusted with Ciri’s magical training, Yennefer leads them to the protected fortress of Aretuza, where they hope to uncover more about the girl’s untapped powers; instead, they discover they’ve landed in a battlefield of political corruption, dark magic, and treachery. They must fight back, put everything on the line — or risk losing each other forever.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Henry Cavill appears in the role of Geralt for one more season. Season 3 will be loosely based on the second Witcher novel, Time of Contempt, with some continuing threads from the first book and reportedly even a couple of ideas from the third. (Read more about what season 3 may hold.–DD

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Premiere Date: Thursday, July 27

Description: Taking its cue from the ’90s Playstation video game of the same name, this raunchy, high-octane action comedy series follows John Doe: a wise-cracking character who is tasked with delivering a package through a danger-infested post-apocalyptic wasteland. One big challenge? An insane clown driving an ice cream truck.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Explosions, car chases, and over-the-top fight sequences are just a few of the things we’re expecting from this TV series, which — if we’re being honest — is a show idea that die-hard gamers never thought would actually come to fruition. Anthony Mackie leads the series alongside Stephanie Beatriz, Thomas Haden Church, Samoa Joe (who steps behind the mask of the iconic evil clown Sweet Tooth), and Will Arnett (who supplies the voice). –AP

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Premiere Date: June

Description: Set in a near future world, Netflix’s hit anthology series (from creator Charlie Brooker) uses various forms of technology to comment on societal issues. Much like The Twilight Zone, from which Brooker took huge inspiration, Black Mirror uses genre storytelling to explore the wonderful, complicated, and downright horrific elements of the human condition.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: It’s been four years since a new episode of Black Mirror hit the streamer and thankfully, there’s more on the way — and coming fairly soon. Aaron Paul, Annie Murphy, Ben Barnes, Danny Ramirez, Himesh Patel, Josh Hartnett, Kate Mara, Michael Cera, Rob Delaney, Rory Culkin, Salma Hayek, and Zazie Beetz are among the list of talent featured in the stacked cast. In previous seasons, Brooker, who once again gets a writing credit, presented episodic stories that stood alone within the greater Black Mirror universe. But this time, speculation leads us to believe that Aaron Paul’s involvement (and the peek given to his character walking through a spaceship in the above teaser), may link this new season to the USS Callister episode of season 4 (which starred Jesse Plemons, Cristin Milioti, Jimmi Simpson, and Michaela Cole) in which he had a brief cameo as the voice of Gamer691. What could this narrative tweak mean for the series as a whole? We can’t wait to find out. –AP

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Ahsoka (Disney+)

Premiere Date: August

Description: Jedi exile Ahsoka Tano’s (Rosario Dawson) mission — teased in the second season of The Mandalorian — finally comes to fruition as she reunites with old allies from Star Wars Rebels to find a missing friend and face off against Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen), the heir to the Empire.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: For fans Rebels, the chance to see its last dangling plot point resolved is thrilling. Also, seeing returning Rebels characters Sabine Wren (now played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo), Hera Syndulla (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), and Chopper (voiced by Rebels’ Dave Filoni) in live-action further cements that animated series’ importance to the overall Star Wars saga. –EA

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Premiere Date: Summer

Description: The Bear takes the drama to the kitchen and follows Michelin star-winning chef Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White) as he returns home to take over the family’s Chicago sandwich shop after his brother’s untimely death. The buzzed-about first season saw tensions rise and cultures clash as grief and anxiety threatened to take down Carmy. In the end, he doubled down on a dream he shared with his brother. This season, we’ll see if that dream may actually be a nightmare.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: The Bear’s first season was a summer hit as it added a surprising element of kinetic and anxious energy to the familiar-feeling aesthetic of a food television show. But, the show flipped the script on all of our food-TV expectations, adding the welcome wit and acerbic punk rock stylings in line with celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s memoir, Kitchen Confidential. The result is an intense exploration of loss, identity, purpose, and family. And it’s all connected through the act of cooking one heck of an Italian Beef sandwich. Are we hungry for more episodes? Yes, Chef! –AP

Good Omens keyart (Amazon)

(Photo by Prime Video)

Premiere Date: Summer

Description: When the second season began filming, creator Neil Gaiman said in a statement that demon Crowley (David Tennant) and angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) will have “new adventures with old friends” and “solve some extremely mysterious mysteries” while encountering “some entirely new humans (living, dead, and otherwise), angels, and demons.”

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Good Omens proved to be a delight and the opportunity to spend more time with Tennant’s demon and Sheen’s angel is too tremendous an idea to ignore. Also, unlike the first season, season 2’s story is a complete mystery. –EA

Premiere Date: Summer

Description: Get ready to rock your Scots off, Outlander fans. The seventh season of Starz’s historical romance will premiere this summer. Inspired by An Echo in the Bone, the seventh book in Diana Gabaldon’s series about Caitriona Balfe’s time-traveling medic and her beloved, and upstanding-to-a-fault, 18th century partner Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), this story checks in with the couple after Claire was (wrongly) arrested for murder in the last season finale.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: The series — along with Claire and Jamie — is getting a bit older and this is the show’s penultimate season. In addition to devoting more story to Claire and Jamie’s daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and her husband Roger (Richard Rankin), it will also introduce new (or new versions) of characters like Jamie’s biological son William Ransom (Charles Vandervaart), who does not know the truth of his patrilineage, and Rod Hallett as infamous Revolutionary War traitor Benedict Arnold. Starz is also developing an Outlander prequel series, Outlander: Blood of My Blood, which is about Jamie’s parents, Brian Fraser and Ellen Mackenzie. –WF


Shows to take the edge off of back to school and the end of beach days and summer vacation.

Premiere Date: September

Description: Spinning off from the John Wick movie franchise, The Continental follows a young Winston Scott — Colin Woodell on the show; Ian McShane in the movies — as he navigates the criminal underworld of 1970s New York. Winston will face off with demons from his past as he pursues control of the Continental hotel, which — as we’ve seen in the films — serves as a neutral meeting place for the world’s most dangerous assassins. Mel Gibson also stars.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: So what you’re saying is we’ve got a new John Wick TV series that follows a bunch of assassins coming together in the grimy and seedy madness of 1970s New York? Sign us up. –AP

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All the Light We Cannot See (Netflix)

Premiere Date: Thursday, Nov. 2

Description: Based on Anthony Doerr’s Pulitzer-winning, World War II-era novel, this limited series stars Aria Mia Loberti as Marie-Laure LeBlanc, a blind French teen, and Mark Ruffalo as Daniel LeBlanc, her father and a locksmith at the Museum of Natural History in Paris. Together, they flee German-occupied Paris with a legendary diamond to save it (and themselves) from the Nazis. While on the lam, she connects with Louis Hofmann’s Werner, another teen who happens to be affiliated with the Nazi movement. It also stars Hugh Laurie as Uncle Etienne, a reclusive relative with World War I PTSD who helps keep Marie-Laure and Daniel safe while transmitting clandestine radio broadcasts as part of the resistance.

Why We’re Looking Forward to It: With a fall release (and subject matter) that’s more indicative of a movie meant for awards season bait, the promotional teaser for the four-part series showcases soaring direction from producer-helmer Shawn Levy. It’s also written by Peaky Binders’ Steven Knight, which might suggest some edge to the dialogue. That Loberti actually is blind also helps move the inclusion needle in Hollywood. –WF


Here are some standout titles we expect this year, but whose dates are not yet announced.

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas (Netflix)

Zack Snyder

(Photo by Clay Enos/Netflix)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: An animated series that serves as a prequel to the events in the Army of the Dead franchise, it’s set at the beginning of the zombie outbreak. There, Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) leads a rescue crew to protect the city of Las Vegas. That crew includes Marianne Peters (Tig Notaro) — whom fans saw with her helicopter in the 2021 movie — as well as characters played by Monica Barbaro, Christian Slater, Vanessa Hudgens, Jena Malone and Joe Manganiello.

Why We’re Looking Forward to It: Notaro famously replaced Chris D’Elia in the film in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against the comedian. This series will give her an even fuller, more substantial, role. –FT

Karl Urban as William Butcher in The Boys

(Photo by Prime Video)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: In the fourth season of the superhero show that also makes fun of superhero shows, Erin Moriarty’s supe Annie January (aka Stargirl) joins rebel alliance The Boys full-time to take down the nefarious organization Vought International. Meanwhile, that group’s head, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), seems more unhinged and Vought golden boy Homelander (Antony Starr) sets his sights on larger aspirations than being adored.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Since its debut, The Boys has been utterly grotesque, wicked smart and stunningly heart-warming. We look forward to more time with that unique recipe even if it feels as though the show is closing in on its endgame. Also, it’ll be nice to have a season in which Annie and her boyfriend Hughie (Jack Quaid) get to share their love in the open instead of sneaking around so she could follow Vought’s carefully constructed PR narrative. –EA

Echo: Season 1 (Disney+)

Alaqua Cox in Echo on Disney+.

(Photo by Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) — aka Echo — heads home to Oklahoma in search of some peace following the events she experienced in the TV series Hawkeye and to reconnect with her extended Native American family. But her adoptive Manhattanite uncle, Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofio), will not let her go without a few words — if not a full-on fight.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: The character and actor made a great debut in Hawkeye. But, for most Marvel fans, a key part of the draw is the promise of the characters Fisk and Daredevil (Charlie Cox) bringing their long feud to the doorstep of Maya’s family. Additionally, rumors persist that Daredevil is there to find another member of the Defenders (the characters who were first explored when MCU TV was primarily found on Netflix). –EA

Frasier (Paramount+)

Kelsey Grammer in Frasier

(Photo by Gale Adler/Paramount)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: Nearly 20 years after radio therapist Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) signed off, we’ve learned that he’s left Seattle. As to where he is in his life and what hilarity will ensue? They might be tossed salad and scrambled eggs.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: After the success of other sitcom revivals, Paramount+ made a deal with Grammer. They’ve been taking their time developing a new take on the show and character. But we just want to see Dr. Crane again and (hopefully) Roz (Peri Gilpin) too. Sadly, John Mahoney is no longer with us and David Hyde Pierce opted not to return as Frasier’s brother Niles. So that probably means no Jane Leeves either, as she played Niles’ wife Daphne. –FT

Fellow Travelers (Showtime)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: Both an epic love story and a political thriller, this miniseries chronicles the volatile romance of two men who meet in the shadow of McCarthy-era Washington. One is the handsome and charismatic Hawkins Fuller (Matt Bomer), who avoids emotional entanglements. That is, until he meets Tim Laughlin (Jonathan Bailey), a younger man brimming with idealism and religious faith. They begin a romance just as Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn declare war on “subversives and sexual deviants.” Over the following decades, Hawk and Tim continue to cross paths — through the Vietnam War protests of the 1960s, the drug-fueled disco hedonism of the 1970s and the AIDS crisis of the 1980s — while facing obstacles in the world and in themselves.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Bailey made this show his first television project after his success in Bridgerton Season 2 and as he began to speak more about being a gay man in the public light. We can’t wait to see him join fellow star and LGBTQ+ activist Bomer in dramatizing America’s era of the Lavender Scare. –JL

Full Circle (Max)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: Set in present-day New York City, an investigation into a botched kidnapping uncovers long-held secrets that connect multiple characters (and cultures).

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: The miniseries’ director, Steven Soderbergh, and writer, Ed Solomon, already have a strong track record at HBO that include 2018’s critically praised series Mosaic and the 2021 Certified Fresh film No Sudden Move. With Soderbergh calling the new series “kaleidoscopic and intimate,” we just know this one is going to make us think. Plus, the cast includes Claire Danes, Dennis Quaid and Zazie Beetz. –JL

Gen V: Season 1 (Prime Video)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: Gen V is the first official spin-off of Prime Video’s hit series The Boys. It shifts focus to the young Supes-in-training who attend Godolkin College. Here, they push their boundaries — physical, emotional, sexual, and otherwise — to compete for superhero greatness.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: If Gen V delivers even a quarter of the jaw-dropping satire that the flagship series it’s based on does, then we have a winner on our hands. –AP

Genius: MLK/X (Disney+/National Geographic

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: The fourth installment of the biographical miniseries shows the early years of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Jalyn Hall) and Malcolm X (Joshua Caleb Johnson). Their lives will intersect as adults when they both take different strategies to lead Civil Rights efforts; King promoting nonviolence and Malcolm X using “any means necessary.”

Why We’re Looking Forward to It: Genius has profiled scientist Albert Einstein, artist Pablo Picasso and singer Aretha Franklin. This is franchise’s first double-bill. It’s also about two people who are frequently associated together even their philosophies were at odds. This miniseries is the highest profile project in recent memory that would compare and contrast them. –FT

The Gilded Age season 2 behind-the-scenes

(Photo by HBO)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton Abbey, tackles 1882 America. Pennsylvania farmer Marian (Louisa Jacobson) experiences New York high society when she moves in with her aunts after her father dies. She also knows what a weekend is.

Why We’re Looking Forward to It: Fellowes’ brand of upstairs/downstairs intrigue gets multi-layered when it crosses the Atlantic. This story deals with the nouveau riche (Morgan Spector’s robber baron George Russell and his ladder-climbing wife, Carrie Coon’s Bertha) and the struggles to break into high society as well as similar struggles forming in the Black community. Last season saw that Bertha’s extravagant ball was a success. So will season 2 see her accepted in elite society and all that entails? Or, will the elite be their flaky old selves? –FT

Jean Smart in Hacks season 1

(Photo by Max)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: After their marriage of convenience delivered a hit stand-up special, seasoned performer Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) fired TV writer Ava (Hannah Einbinder) at the end of the Emmy-winning comedy’s second season. Was she setting a little bird free or creating an enemy?

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: The writing and acting is top-notch so the third season could be about Deborah and Ava reading the phone book and we’re there. But the second season saw Ava and Deborah going off on their own. Hopefully, that doesn’t last long and they reunite for an even bigger project. –FT

Invincible 98% Season 2 (Prime Video)

Invincible Courtesy of Amazon Studios

(Photo by Amazon Studios)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: After a long absence from our screens, (the animated series premiered in 2021) audiences will finally see Steven Yuen’s teen ‘supe Mark Grayson deal with the fallout of his father’s betrayal — not just to him, but to the human race. He’ll also have to learn what it means to be a superhero after that bloody and terrible confrontation.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Beyond the graphic violence, which is somehow quite beautiful despite the brutality, Invincible strikes a relevant chord with its use of super-heroics as metaphors for the macro (government overreach) and micro (discovering your parents are just as screwed-up as you). Although it remixes story beats from the comic that series creator Robert Kirkman developed with Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley, expect Mark’s journey on the show to include taking point as a defender of the Earth. The all-star cast already includes Seth Rogen as Allen the Alien and Gillian Jacobs as the super-powered Samantha Eve Wilkins / Atom Eve. This season, Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins the cast — although his part is still unknown. –EA

Ironheart (Disney+)

Anthony Ramos Martinez, Ryan Coogler, and Kevin Feige

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Premiere Date: TBD

Description: Following the events of the film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Riri Williams’ (Dominique Thorne) technological prowess makes her a target. But now The Hood (Anthony Ramos) is looking for her. Is he an enemy? Or an unexpected ally?

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Thorne was a welcome presence in Wakanda Forever and we look forward to seeing her replicate her armored suit without Wakandan resources. Additionally, we wonder if the CIA will leave her alone despite knowing she can create a vibranium detector. –EA

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: With a bestselling cookbook and a hit television show under her belt, Julia navigates success with her singular joie de vivre, in a society that is changing rapidly. The second season of Julia explores the second season of making The French Chef, as Julia, in her singular way, wrestles with her success — what that means for herself, her marriage, her colleagues, and her friends — and how best to use the power she finds herself having.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Sarah Lancashire of Happy Valley fame makes her second appearance on the list with the return of Julia, whose first season was Certified Fresh at 93%. The cupboard is still bare when it comes to details for this season, but we can only assume it will take us to France as Julia prepares for a second season of her cooking series. –JL

Justified: City Primeval: Limited Series (FX)

Justified: City Primeval stars Timothy Olyphant

(Photo by Chuck Hodes/FX)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: It’s been eight years since Marshal Raylan Givens left Kentucky for Miami. Balancing his law enforcement duties with raising his 14-year-old daughter, Raylan is brought back into the fold (and ends up in Detroit) when he’s drawn into the web of Boyd Holbrook’s violent sociopath named Clement Mansell, better known as “The Oklahoma Wildman.” The limited series draws inspiration from Elmore Leonard’s novel, City Primeval: High Noon.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: It feels as if we’ve been crossing our fingers, holding our breath, and expressing hope upon hope that Olyphant would eventually return to the role that made him a household name. Television has been missing Raylan Givens’ signature Stetson-wearing swagger. And thankfully, in 2023, it’ll be coming back with a vengeance. –AP

President Loki character poster

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Premiere Date: TBD

Description: After the events of the first season, Loki Laufeyson (Tom Hiddleston) must unravel the mess unleashed by the death of He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors). But first, he will have to re-establish his friendship with Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) and determine the new nature of the Time Variance Authority.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Hiddleston’s Loki remains one of the strongest elements of Marvel’s ongoing story machine. His bond with Mobius proved to be one of the highlights of this program’s first season. Even though things ended with Mobius seemingly not remembering Loki, we expect their double-act will continue as they unravel the new TVA mystery. –EA

jake-johnson-ophelia-lovibond minx 700

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Premiere Date: TBD

Description: Proving sex sells no matter the gender, this 1970s-set period comedy stars Ophelia Lovibond as Joyce Prigger — a journalist with dreams of becoming the next Gloria Steinem. She partners with porn mag kingpin-in-his-own-mind Doug Renetti (Jake Johnson) to create a magazine that arouses more than just feminist ideas. The first-season cliffhanger left all of the show’s success out of balance, both for the characters and the cast and crew. While (what was then called) HBO Max had renewed it for a second season, it was canceled as part of the restructuring after the Discovery-Warner Bros. deal. Starz, which had already renewed-than-canceled shows like its period drama Dangerous Liaisons, jumped in to save Minx.

Why We’re Looking Forward to It: The rapport between Lovibond and Johnson is the irresistible centerfold of Minx, a bawdy and sharp comedy that merits a full-page spread. –FT

Orphan Black: Echoes (BBC America)

Krysten Ritter in Orphan Black: Echoes

(Photo by Sophie Giraud/AMC)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: A story set after the events in Orphan Black that ricocheted from Tatiana Maslany’s Sarah’s surprise encounter with one her (turns out) many clones at a train station, Orphan Black: Echoes takes a deep dive into the exploration of the scientific manipulation of human existence. It stars Krysten Ritter as Lucy, a woman with an unimaginable origin story who is trying to find her place in the world. But is also follows a group of women as they weave their way into each other’s lives and embark on a thrilling journey, unravelling the mystery of their identity and uncovering a wrenching story of love and betrayal.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: The first Orphan Black was a brilliant mix of sci-fi, feminism and Maslany’s knack for accent work. While this show isn’t an exact clone of that story, it does promise a chance to answer other questions about that complex universe. –WF


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Premiere Date: TBD

Description: Based on a true story, an 18th century aristocrat (Rhys Darby) leaves his wife and kids to become a pirate. There, he leads his crew into comic misadventure on the high seas and becomes an unlikely acquaintance of the infamous pirate Blackbeard (Taika Waititi).

Why We’re Looking Forward to It: Our Flags Means Death’s gentle sensibility doesn’t quite strike comedic gold, but its bemusing band of buccaneers is endearing enough that viewers seeking a comforting watch will find bountiful booty. Waititi executive produces the series with creator David Jenkins, mixing no-way-that’s-true historical facts in with some things that … may not be so accurate. Returning cast members also include Leslie Jones as the charismatic-as-long-as-you-don’t-cross-her pirate Spanish Jackie. –FT

The Penguin: Limited Series (Max)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: Noted Batman villain Oswald Cobblepot (Colin Farrell) continues his ascendency in the Gotham City underworld, adopting the affection of the Penguin along the way.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Although it’s fair to joke that Farrell’s Penguin get-up makes him look like actor Richard Kind, the actor’s performance as “Ozzie” was one of the highlights of the 2022 movie The Batman. Getting to spend six (or more?) hours with him as he figures out how to be the Penguin should be a delight. Additionally, Cristin Milioti signed on to be Sofia Falcone, daughter of the late crime boss Carmine Falcone (John Turturro). We imagine she will not be pleased by Cobblepot’s attempt to take over his empire. –EA


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Premiere Date: TBD

Description: In this tongue-in-cheek animated series, the crew of the U.S.S. Cerritos convenes for more missions of second contact, extreme Star Trek in jokes, and whatever trouble Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome) can find. In the fourth season, the ship will visit planet Orion, deal with a wedding, and confront at least one other romantic entanglement.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: Equal parts irreverent and heartfelt, Lower Decks scratches a specific itch for those who grew up with Star Trek: The Next Generation . But the show works because the characters continue to develop into real people, both on an emotional level and as an act of physical embodiment (there’s a planned crossover episode with the live-action Strange New Worlds ). –EA

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew (Disney+)

Host Ali Plumb, Jude Law, Ravi Cabot Conyers, Robert Timothy Smith and Kyrianna Kratter onstage during the studio panel for Skeleton Crew at the Star Wars Celebration 2023

(Photo by Kate Green/Getty Images for Disney)

Premiere Date: 2023

Description: A group of youngsters end up in control of a starship. They must make their way home even as various powers attempt to catch up to them and as a Force-wielder (played by Jude Law) attempts to take them under his wing.

Why We’re Looking Forward to It: With its “Amblin movie but Star Wars” elevator pitch, this has the potential to be a very different Star Wars series. Additionally, it comes from the minds of Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Jon Watts and Robot & Frank’s Chris Ford, a duo with an interesting track record. Beyond that, directors like The Daniels (Everything Everywhere All At Once) leant their time to the project. –EA

Three-Body Problem (Netflix)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: Based on the Cixin Liu books and with Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and True Blood alum Alexander Woo serving as showrunners, The Three-Body Problem takes an international (and scientific) perspective on our potential first contact with aliens. Through the virtual reality game Three Body, players explore the alien world. Eiza Gonzalez, Benedict Wong, Jonathan Pryce, Jovan Adepo, and more star.

Why We’re Looking Forward to It: This is Benioff and Weiss’ first dramatic project since Game of Thrones. (While they executive produced Netflix comedy The Chair, they wrote this adaptation.) Hopefully they and Woo can do for aliens what they did for dragons and vampires. –FT

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (AMC)

Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

(Photo by Emmanuel Guimier/AMC)

Premiere Date: TBD

Description: In The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Norman Reedus’ motorcycle-loving hero washes ashore in France and struggles to piece together how (and why) he got there. The series tracks his journey across the broken but resilient, country as he hopes to find a way back home. But the connections he forms complicate his ultimate plan.

Why We Are Looking Forward To It: While TWD we may not be getting the originally announced spin-off that would have focused on Daryl and Melissa McBride’s Carol, it will be magnifique to watch this fan-favorite navigate a post-apocalyptic France. We can only hope they’ve taken some of the country’s most famous places (like the palace of Versailles) and packed them with zombies. –JL

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