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More Like This: Love Star Trek: Picard? Here Are 5 More Series Like It

Star Trek: Picard may be over, but more binge options await. If you need more Star Trek, Paramount+ has your fix. Or if you just want more space-based drama, we've got a few other recommendations for you.

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Star Trek: Picard is a Certified Fresh hit once again with its third season at 98% on the Tomatometer. And if the series finale has you ready to engage in similar shows, we’ve got five more like this that you should check out next. Along with more Star Trek and other great sci-fi shows, this list will be your “number one” as we boldly go where — not gonna lie — some have probably gone before.


Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,  a spin-off of the series Star Trek: Discovery, follows Captain Kirk’s predecessor on the Enterprise, Captain Christopher Pike, as he navigates the decade leading up to the original series.

With a 99% Certified Fresh first season under its belt, it’s clear critics are totally on board. And the consensus gives praise for “recapturing the sense of boundless discovery that defined the franchise’s roots.”

A second season of this Emmy-nominated show arrives June 15. In the meantime, you’ll need about 9 hours to check out the first season.

Where to Watch: by subscription on Paramount+ | buy season 1 on Vudu, Prime Video, or Apple TV


Our throwback pick takes us back to the ’60s with the super-groovy original Star Trek series.

And sure, it’s a bit obvious but it’s also a must for this list — whether you’ve seen it already or not. Considered ahead of its time on many levels, it ran from ’66 to ’69 and gave us some pretty iconic characters, ultimately creating a franchise that has lived long and — done pretty well.

Star Trek has an overall Fresh score of 80% for the series with a Certified Fresh first season at 92%. And if you’re not sure about heading back this far for a show, the consensus form critics reminds us that it “may look dated, but its gadgetry and solid storytelling solidify its place as one of pop culture’s most enduring franchises.”

You’ll need about 66 hours to watch all three seasons.

Where to Watch: by subscription on Paramount+ | buy seasons 1-3 on Vudu, Prime Video, or Apple TV


Battlestar Galactica is a re-imagining of the ’70s show that ran from 2004 to 2009. It was created by Ronald D. Moore who had previously worked on three different Star Trek series and went on to create the Starz fantasy series Outlander — so he knows what’s up, in other words.

This Edward James Olmos–led show earned 19 Emmy nominations and three wins. And not only was it a hit with fans, but critics also loved it, calling it a “captivating combination of riveting political drama and science fiction.”

You can watch all 74 episodes in just over 54 hours.

Where to Watch: by subscription on Peacock | buy seasons 1-4 on Vudu, Prime Video, or Apple TV


This sci-fi dramedy was created by Seth MacFarlane and is set 400 years in the future on an exploratory ship, that is facing both intergalactic and everyday life problems.

The series has a strong cast led by MacFarlane along with Adrianne Palicki and carries Fresh 77% Tomatometer and 89% Audience scores for its three-season run. Critics call The Orville “fun, focused and surprisingly thoughtful.”

You’re looking at about 26 hours of binge time for this series.

Where to Watch: by subscription on Hulu and Disney+ | buy seasons 1-3 on Vudu, Prime Video, or Apple TV


And finally, our Certified Fresh pick this week is Prime Video’s The Expanse. This one is set in a not-so-distant future where humanity has colonized the solar system. And clearly fans couldn’t get enough, considering they campaigned to save the show after it was canceled by Syfy.

With six very Fresh seasons, critics like The Expanse because it “blends sci-fi elements and detective noir into a visually compelling whole.”

You’re going to need nearly 62 hours to get through this one. But if you take it one hour at a time, it will only take 62 hours. You’re welcome.

Where to Watch: by subscription on Prime Video | buy seasons 1-6 on Vudu or Apple TV

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