Who's Ready for "Forrest Gump 2"?

by | March 8, 2007 | Comments

A few years back I was in a bookstore and saw a paperback called "Gump & Co.," which was (obviously) a follow-up to "Forrest Gump." I remember wondering why they hadn’t made a movie based on the second novel, and now I know A) why they didn’t, and B) when they might.

Seems that there was some bad blood (as in debts and litigation) between original "Gump" author Winston Groom and Paramount, but one source indicates that all involved parties have become friends again, which means Eric Roth‘s screenplay for the sequel may (again) see some attention. No word yet on Tom Hanks‘ involvement in the project, but if anyone other than Hanks is hired to play the role of Forrest Gump, I vow to never see this sequel. Ever. I mean it.

Seems that Gary Sinise is already set to return, which seems like a solid start.

Source: CinemaBlend