Poll: Which Pixar Sequel Would You Like to See Next?

by | June 13, 2016 | Comments

Now that Finding Dory has hit theaters, the Finding Nemo cinematic universe joins the growing list of franchises Pixar has kickstarted over their history. Only seven feature films in the studio’s stable have yet to become a franchise: Which one of them do you want to see get a sequel?

  • Andy108

    I think Brave would be a great sequel. The first one was of course one of the lesser-loved Pixar films due to its bleak story, but the characters were loved and there is so many better stories they can tell about Princess Merida and her adventures in Scotland.

    • wacky kid

      agree… i think brave has the most potential to develop further and be even better than the original… the others have either self contained stories that have come to an ending (wall-e, up).. or couldn’t expand much further…

      • Andrew Joiner

        Inside Out could definitely expand. It pretty much hinted as such at the end of it. It could show her getting older and her emotions struggling to keep up. Not unlike how Andy’s toys from Toy Story did with him.

    • Chinoiserie

      The story was not bleak, it was the humor that was the issue and the as well as a lack of proper fantasy plot and that it did not have high points and was predictable.

  • Troy Chittock

    There was a theory going around that Riley from Inside Out was adopted. I think, if it turned out to be true, the sequel would be about Riley trying to deal with the discovery of being an adopted child.

    • Jordan Nass

      They could also try to be consistent with their own premise, that might make a good movie, too. Still astonishes me that Inside Out was as well-received as it was. The premise was idiotic, but even within that context they didn’t stick to it (mainly each of the emotion archetypes exhibits emotions outside their archetypes – so do they have little people in their heads? And so on).

      • Sim x

        My goodness you’re so logical!
        Fortunately a lot of people can draw the line between reality and storytelling, so we don’t have to spend our precious time analysing the scientific accuracy of a Pixar movie.

        Good job.

    • Caleb Ritenour

      Quick question: how on earth could she be adopted? we literally see the moment she was born (except the non-G rated parts, for obvious reasons)

      • Troy Chittock

        All you see is Riley opening her eyes. If you look at the mom, she’s wearing a casual outfit while holding Riley, who is wrapped up in blankets. Mom would be wearing a hospital gown if Riley was just born. Also, look up the theory on YouTube. SuperCarlinBrothers made great points to support the theory.

  • ProtoGeek Productions

    How about none?

    • Darren

      I hope you’re stating that because sequels tend to not be as good as the original, and not because you are actually trying to bash Pixar.

      • ProtoGeek Productions

        I’m stating this because some of these are perfectly fine on their own, and I don’t want another Cars 2-style disaster on our hands.

        • Jordan Nass

          Agree with this whole-heartedly. The sequels definitely have diminishing returns, even when it comes to Pixar.

        • Thomas

          Cars 3.

          • Arjun Patel

            Cars 3 has been confirmed for 2017

          • ProtoGeek Productions

            On the bright side, it’s not another Planes movie.

          • Pierogi Power

            And that Finding Dory is sitting at a whopping 96%

          • Thomas

            I know. I didn’t say that to mean “I want Cars 3”. I was reminding everyone that it exists and we’re gonna have to accept it.

          • Christian

            Seriously, who wants a sequel to the worst Pixar series?

        • Ricardo

          Cars was pretty bad all on its own.

          • ProtoGeek Productions

            Touche. Only weak link in the Pixar filmography.

        • Badat

          That’s funny cause Toy Story only got better with sequels.

          • Darren

            Toy Story was the exception. Usually, sequels fall short of the original. I would rather see an original Pixar film than another sequel. Regardless, Finding Dory should be good, even if not as good as the original.

          • ProtoGeek Productions

            Live Action, Animation, or both? There are good sequels to come out of all of those mediums, and bad ones.

          • ProtoGeek Productions

            Very true. Forgot about the Toy Story sequels briefly.

        • Mohit Hiralal

          Exactly Wall-E and Ratatouille were perfect and I think the sequel can only be worse. But movies like good dinosaur can do with a sequel

      • Big Bubba

        I would try to bash Pixar, they have never made a single good movie. Only kiddie garbage that has no artistic merit.

        • Darren

          Ladies and Gentleman, announcing BIG BUBBA, the first troll to enter the room! Would you like to elaborate on your idiotic statement? I don’t think you know what artistic merit is…and my guess is you are some insecure high school kid who is “too cool” to watch “kiddie garbage” films. I hope to god you are in high school because if you are ACTUALLY AN ADULT posting this, then I really feel bad for you.

          • Big Bubba

            Why are you only posting about assumptions about my age? Is it because you can’t name a single good film Pixar has done that isn’t rehashed nonsense?

          • Darren

            You’re right, Toy Story 3, Ratatouille, Toy Story 2, Up, Toy Story, WALL-E, Finding Nemo, Inside Out, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., A Bug’s Life, Brave, Monster’s University, The Good Dinosaur-All not good right??? Cars is their only failure.

            Rehashed-How on earth are films like Toy Story and Inside Out rehashed ideas? Toy Story revolutionized animated films.

            Why don’t you actually give a response with some substance? Or you could just repeat yourself and say it’s garbage as you have done twice in a row.

          • Big Bubba

            It’s funny that you say I give no responses with substance as all you had to say to me that first time was that I’m an insecure high schooler. Looks like someone isn’t ready to grow up and watch real movies like the Friday the 13th series.

          • Emmyz

            Or maybe all opinions are your own and you can simply act as intelligent individuals instead of adding hate onto one another because in the end, your argument is this. “I like them!” “I don’t!” We all have different tastes and that’s what makes us awesome as humans! No reason to bash someones opinion because it doesn’t fit your own. We all are critics here.
            Not to sound to hippy whatnot and honestly your free to not even acknowledge this and keep ‘jabbing’ each other. Do what you want dudes.

          • Iskander Oliva

            Lmao you’re kidding, right? Friday the 13th is for preschoolers.

          • Brad Walker

            Dude, I saw thefirst one when I WAS FIVE YEARS OLD!!! Big Bubba should go mastaurbate to a dead shithole named Steve the Hobo

          • Brad Walker

            I have to say, I love all of those except for Cars 2, Brave, and The Good Dinosaur.

    • Troy Chittock


    • InterWall

      Maybe “The Incredibles”?

      • ProtoGeek Productions

        That could work.

        • Martín Erburu

          The Incredibles 2 (2019), Cars 3 (2017) and Toy Story (2018) have already been officially announced.

          • ProtoGeek Productions

            Another Toy Story? We were given great closure with 3.

          • Martín Erburu

            Yeah, Toy Story 4. I think they should have left it at 3, but well… And Cars, really? LET IT DIE. I’m sure The Incredibles 2 will be awesome, especially because Pixar’s animation has improved over the years and it will fit that movie perfectly.

          • ProtoGeek Productions

            Cars is literally just made to fund better films. Brad’s a great director(I even enjoyed Tomorrowland), so I can see something great coming from this, especially in this day and age where superheroes rule our cinemas. I honestly want to see them test more waters and take even crazier risks, as they did with Toy Story,Ratatouille, Inside Out and more, with good concepts, but to the next level. I may sound insane for this, but a psychedelic, idea-filled Del Toro/ Jorodowsky-esque film by Pixar would be incredible.

          • Martín Erburu

            I like you, sir. Have you heard about Pixar’s upcoming film “Coco”?

          • Brad Walker

            There is already a plot on IMDb. They are searching for the missing Bo Peep.Hope that helped. Also, have you seen any of the TV movies, such as The Toy Time Forgot

      • Juan Manuel


        • InterWall

          I know 🙂

        • ProtoGeek Productions

          That can actually be good. I can see that working.

  • Merrie Wilson

    How about one not included on the list? I would love to see The Incredibles sequel!

    • Jordan Nass

      They are making a sequel to that one.

    • Plat

      Its not on the list because it’s already a franchise. Theyre releasing The Incredibles II in 2019.

  • RobotUnderscore

    In case anyone is wondering, the next Pixar movie is going to be Cars 3, followed by Toy Story 4.

    • Jeff Gibson

      I REALLY wish there wasn’t a Toy Story 4!

      • Darren

        Toy Story 3 ended the trilogy in perfect fashion. Making a 4th seems completely unnecessary. And Cars never should have been launched in the first place.

  • Anddy

    A Bug’s Life <3

  • Diego Pais de Lima

    Inside Out and Wall-E. Best pixar movies ever.

  • Suno

    Hear me out. I think there’s creative potential for all of these movies (minus Dinosaur which I haven’t seen), but the movie with the best potential imho is Inside Out and Brave.

    Look at Ratatouille. What’s the writing potential here? No matter what happens, it’s going to end up with the characters resolving the conflict through cooking, whether it’s inner-conflict like hitting a plateau in cooking or outer-conflict like another food critic. There’s not too much room for creativity because it’ll involve cooking solving a conflict.

    Bug’s Life and Wall-E’s sequel will focus on the established romance set at the end of the first film, and their love life will intertwine with the conflict of the story and the character has to figure out a way to resolve both. Romance will be involved in the conflict that the character has to resolve.

    Up imo ended on such a perfect note that forcing a sequel would tarnish the first film. I can’t even think of a potential sequel story.

    But Inside Out has SO much potential. It can be set at any time in Riley’s life, maybe as an angsty teenager, or maybe as an adult looking for a love life. There is so much they can do with the characters because their personality will evolve as Riley grows up. The conflict isn’t limited in setting because it can be anything. Like maybe her dad dies at the start of the film and she has to deal with depression as Sadness takes over, but at the end she accepts it.

    Brave too, like they have no limitation on what they can do like with Ratatouille. Maybe the village gets attacked, maybe Merida goes on an adventure and finds a cursed treasure. I see Brave in the same position as How To Train Your Dragon essentially, and the sequel to that movie was fantastic.

    • Caleb Ritenour

      Inside out 2 could focus on the person who marries reilly, and his emotions!

    • Shoujomarkers

      Can you imagine another emotion (love) joining the party and all the havoc it would wreak 🙂

  • Michael Rapp


    • drewg

      I don’t know. Wall-E was so perfect just on its own. I really don’t want it screwed up by a mediocre sequel.

  • Mister Sushi

    Inside Out. But please set it right after the events of the first one, and not too much later in life! I think part of the films heart was the fact that the emotions were just as childish as the main character, and removing this aspect would make it lose a lot of heart.

  • Ryan Thomas II

    Bugs Life 2
    PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me


    You’re welcome.

    • ProtoGeek Productions


  • Joshua Stovall

    all of them would be pretentious, which is why pixar doesn’t do sequels

    • Darren

      Pixar doesn’t do sequels, except for the fact that they made a Monsters Inc. sequel, and are in the process of making sequels for Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Cars, and The Incredibles. So apparently they do sequels.

  • Robert Bigit

    I am I guess with most people as the other films closed on themselves leaving not alot of room or “unecessary room” for sequels. Inside out you could have five movies Riley in highschool, college, marriage and kids, retirement, their kids…the possibilities are wide open. Maybe Good dinosaur and add some new faces because that was more of one adventure and heres the next one. I mean what they did with Monsters University is genius but not alot of room for that in Wall-E. What are you going to do Kill Mr. Fredrickson…hes on his way out. Ratatoullie ended prefectly leave it alone. Bugs Life maybe a new threat like similar to what Independence Day resurgence is going to be. Not going to mention Brave.

  • steadymobb

    None of the ones listed need sequels.

  • Sir Farty Fartsalot


    “The Incredibles” is the only one worthy of a sequel. Which it’s getting but over 10 years too late.

    • Lawnie Taylor Jr

      apparently this is a sequel in the works

      • Sir Farty Fartsalot

        I know but I just don’t know why it’s taken so long. According to IMDB, it won’t be coming out until 2019.

        • Badat

          Because Brad Bird has a directing life outside Pixar.

          • Sir Farty Fartsalot

            And your point? Obviously it could have been done way quicker than 15 years.

          • Brad Walker

            Such as Mission Impossible 4

  • Jim222001

    I just want more regular Disney sequels like Wreck it Ralph 2.

    • Shoujomarkers

      All I want is Frozen 2 that’s all I want (don’t kill me I really liked it)

      • Brad Walker

        Here is my honest answer… I think the story sucks, and I gave it a 4 on IMDb,but, being one of the movies that got huge box office gross, is the only reason why i respect. I just think that it was talked about too much.

  • Bryan Selwood

    The only one that needs a sequel is The Incredibles and that’s already happening

  • Jason Hofer

    Inside Out would be the best choice by far. It made the most money, had great reviews, and the plotline of Riley growing up would present plenty of great story opportunities. It felt most open ended of all these films too.

  • Up doesn’t need a sequel at all. On the other hand, Inside Out has so much potential for sequel(s).

  • Ben Poitevien

    I think Brave, it wasn’t a bad film but I feel as if they can do so much more with that world and they could easily top the first one. The could totally explore a different aspect of the main character.

  • TheKiwi247

    The only two of these films I think have enough room to tell another story are Brave and A Bug’s Life, none of the others have anything else to talk about. An Up sequel? What happens in it, Russel hits puberty and only Carl is there for him? Fun.

  • Harith Sami

    Brave can be improved with a sequel, if the sequel wouldn’t have bears or mother issues.

  • Consternation Inchoate

    For a long time I am persisting in giving Ratatouille (my fav Pixar film) and WALL-E a sequel each. But soon I realized that sequels doesn’t suit both films’ concept. Still I think the magic of the characters featured shouldn’t be confined to on film only as they are so endearing and fun.

    Because of that, Inside Out should be given the sequel.

  • Grace Hoogers

    The incredibles NEEDS a sequel

  • Joshua S.

    Didn’t see a “Would prefer an original story over a glut of sequels” option, so I did not vote. Of the next five Pixar movies being made, four are sequels.

  • Pinkk

    Not inside out with it’s over hype. :/ Seriously, why no one kicked out Sadness still baffles me in that movie :p

    • Darren

      She did end up saving the day….

      • Pinkk

        She was the one ruining everything. :p “Oh hey! Perfectly good memory right here. Why don’t I just touch it, knowing it will ruin it.”

  • HI

    Yeah. I agree with the other folks saying a sequel to THE INCREDIBLES would be nice.

  • michaelant

    RT, you really missed asking the most interesting question – how many people in this poll would prefer NO sequels to the films above? Many, as evidenced in the best-voted comments. But, you can’t vote ‘none’ in this poll, so I’m not voting.

    I think Finding Dory has the potential to be a Toy Story-caliber sequel from Pixar. ~However~, did the Cars and Monsters sequels really need to happen? Especially Monsters Univ, which was nowhere near as good as the original.

    Some films are amenable to sequels, but not all are, certainly. Superhero films are a natural fit, so Incredibles could be great.

    Of the other films, only Brave and Inside Out could maybe survive a sequel. Inside Out would need to tackle another stage of a kid’s (or an adult’s) development, but what made the film so special was its expertly delivered perspective on emotion and growing up. They’d have to really dig deep to find something else as resonant. Brave – Merida could have another adventure, but what, now her dad turns into a badger or something? But if nothing magic happens, then, you haven’t really returned to that world, have you. I would rather see no sequel to either of these films. AND definitely no sequel to any of the others, either! (ok, maybe Bug’s Life could be good)

  • Flip-A-Dip-Dippy Joaje

    I want a Ratatouille sequel, but only because I want it to be called… Rata2e.

  • Sgt Slaughter

    A Wall-E sequel could explore an almost unlimited amount of subject matter.

  • Josh Evans

    Where is the none option? Pixar is at its best when it’s exploring new characters and worlds. They HAVE made some stellar sequels, but it just seems a waste of their talents.

  • John Parker

    Inside Out – but this time it could be a boy’s ‘insides’. Wouldn’t have to be tied directly to Riley (no disrespect to a seminal animation character). I would just love to see what they could come up with when going inside a boy’s mind.

  • Jon Lew

    It’s going to be incredibles 2 and cars 3

  • Caleb Ritenour

    I think that the best thing about many of these movies was their sparkling ingenuity and freshness.
    I say nothing about the good dinosaur or bug’s life, but an “Up” sequel has almost no ground to improve on the original, Wall-e was a closed story in many ways, Brave’s sequel would have to overcome the ambivalence that the first generated. Inside Out and Ratatouille definitely seem most promising, but they’re going to have to keep a firm eye on character development, plot, and what made the originals so amazing! (OK, inside out could go so many interesting places that I hope they don’t limit themselves too much)

  • Ted Cortez

    The Incredibles

  • AliceUsagi

    How about none

  • Edvan

    Dammit, Inside Out is the highest. I hope this won’t matter to the Pixar people, because Inside Out is my favourite Pixar film. Dont want them to ruin it and I don’t really see any good or original story coming out of it. I mean, do they have to get lost in the mind again?

  • Grey Ghost 615

    I REALLY want a sequel for WALL-E. But I doubt that will ever happen.

  • Brennan Tropolins

    How about RataTWOille GEHEHEHE

  • Ironmonger38

    Out of those options, I think Inside Out is the only one where a sequel could be made. It would be kinda interesting to see how Riley’s emotions react as she continues to grow up.

  • Tracy Williams Jr


  • Rapsca Llion

    What we have to realize is that Pixar did not want to make sequels. However, according to a contractual agreement with Disney, they have to make a sequel at least for half of their filmography. HALF! Disney is notorious for making weak cash grabbing sequels, mostly coming out straight to DVD. This kind of blackmailing from Disney, in my opinion, hurts Pixar’s integrity. For example, the production for Cars 2 was rushed because they needed a market for a sequel and for selling toys and that was what the movie felt like. (I happen to like Cars 2, they made a spy movie for kids!) I think Cars 2 unfortunately started a slightly slippery slope for the amazing company that once had a 10 for 10 track record and I blame that mostly on Disney.

  • mjayace

    The Incredibles of course.

  • Spurple

    Wall-E, Up, Inside Out, those were perfect stories. There isn’t any kind of continuation needed. Of that list, I guess A Bug’s Life has the most openness for a sequel.

  • FishieLemonDude

    Inside Out 2 will be awful!!!!
    when riley turns into puberty 🙁

  • Jason Bowman

    Inside Out because your inner mind can have any type of reality therefore you never run out of new adventures or stories.

  • Jason Bowman

    Also I did like Brave. It seems to be the best Mother’s Day type kids movie I ever seen. Theirs not many good Mother/Daughter duo movies. But not sure if a sequel would work.

  • doc_omo


  • Brad Walker

    Did you guys know that Toy Story 2 was meant to be straight to DVD

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