WB Sends Emmerich Back to "B.C."

by | January 31, 2006 | Comments

Variety reports that Roland Emmerich‘s "10,000 B.C." was no quicker dropped by Sony than picked up (in "turnaround") by WB, the studio that hopes it make it one of their Summer ’07 tentpole releases. (Roland Emmerich is the man who gave you "Stargate," "Independence Day," and "The Day After Tomorrow."

"Warner Bros. Pictures has picked up Roland Emmerich’s big-budget "10,000 B.C." out of quick turnaround from Sony.

Aggressive move gives Warners its first chance to work with Emmerich — and a 2007 summer tentpole. Emmerich is set to begin shooting the prehistoric adventure in late April in South Africa.

Pickup comes less than five months after Emmerich and producing partner Michael Wimer set up the project at Columbia Pictures through their Centropolis shingle.

Sources said Sony’s hefty 2007 release calendar couldn’t accommodate a slot for "10,000" as the filmmakers wanted, and the earliest the film could be released through that studio was 2008."