Tom Cruise Signs Up for Bryan Singer's WWII Thriller

by | March 22, 2007 | Comments

Bryan Singer will get his as-yet-untitled World War II thriller in front of camera early this summer, and he’ll have at least one (very) heavy hitter sitting on his bench: Tom Cruise has just signed on to play the lead role.

The film will be a fact-based account of an assassination attempt on Adolph Hitler. (Too bad we already know how it ends, kinda.) At first Cruise was just going to act as producer, because the project was set up at his United Artists, but after talking with the filmmaker a few times, the movie star signed on to get in front of the cameras as well.

Singer wrote the screenplay with Nathan Alexander and his "Usual Suspects" collaborator Christopher McQuarrie. And since production is set to begin in early summer, this flick will not get in the way of Singer’s "Superman Returns" sequel, which is supposed to get rolling early next year.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter