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The Visibility Dilemma

The NLGJA and Rotten Tomatoes bring together journalists to examine the double-edged sword of visibility for trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming people.

by | March 28, 2024 | Comments


Rotten Tomatoes Lab: Critics Edition is a series of resources designed to support critics in developing their craft and career, from how-to guides to advice on pitching, publishing, and networking, to conversations about film, television, community, and culture.

In honor of Transgender Awareness Week in 2023, Rotten Tomatoes collaborated with the Los Angeles and Philadelphia chapters of the Association of LGBTQ+ Journalists (NLGJA) to host a virtual panel titled The Visibility Dilemma.

The conversation brought together community organizers, media makers, advocates, and storytellers to examine the double-edged sword of visibility for trans and nonbinary folks.

For trans and gender non-conforming people, visibility evokes questions of safety. In 2024, there are already hundreds of bills targeting transgender people across the United States. In community contexts, visibility also allows us to see each other – to relate to one another’s experiences, and witness resilience in spite of historical and current attempts to shame, punish, or erase us. These themes are central to The Visibility Dilemma.

Moderated by Rotten Tomatoes’ Critic Community Manager, Sophie-Marie Prime, our conversation included:

  • Tre’vell Anderson – Award-winning journalist, podcast host, and authoress
  • Oliver-Ash Kleine – Radio and podcast editor; Senior Producer at TransLash Media
  • Alex Schmider – Director of Transgender Representation at GLAAD and award-winning producer
  • Kristal Sotomayor – Bilingual Latinx journalist, filmmaker and programmer
  • Raquel Willis – Award-winning author, activist, and media strategist dedicated to Black transgender liberation

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