Spielberg to Attack Another Sci-Fi Remake?

by | August 29, 2005 | Comments

Variety reports that Universal’s remake of "When Worlds Collide," which was previously penciled in as a Stephen Sommers gig, may actually be directed by Mr. Steven Spielberg.

Sommers recently stepped aside from the project so he could direct the high-concept comedy "A Night at the Museum" for Fox, which leaves an opening that very well could be occupied by the master himself. At the very least, Mr. Spielberg looks to be on board as a producer.

Based on the 1951 sci-fi classic by Rudolph Maté, "When Worlds Collide" details what happens when the world is threatened with collision by a stray planetoid. In many ways, "Worlds," which was based on the novel by Edwin Balmer, acted as inspiration for movies like "Deep Impact" and "Armageddon."

Directorially, Mr. Spielberg is currently hard at work helming "Munich," and (fingers crossed) should move on to "Indiana Jones 4" some time early next year.