Scorsese and DiCaprio, Together Again for the Fourth Time

by | March 26, 2007 | Comments

It’s a hectic time for both Leonardo DiCaprio and his own personal svengali, Martin Scorsese; though both are currently super busy, movie-making bees, they’ll make time (sometime) to reunite with the based-on-true-story "Wolf of Wall Street."

DiCaprio will star as Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker involved in a corporate banking corruption case with ties to the mob. The script will come courtesy of Terence Winter ("The Sopranos") and is to be based on Belfort’s tell-all autobiography of the same name.

What, you haven’t heard of the book? That’s because it won’t be on display at your local bookstore until September.

Official deals have yet to be finalized for either DiCaprio or Scorsese, although DiCaprio’s own Appian Way will produce the pic for Warner Bros.

Variety likens the story to another DiCaprio success, "Catch Me If You Can": "’Wolf’ would be a two-hander with a key part for a second star: Much of the film would hinge on Belfort’s relationship with the FBI agent who tried to make him an informant."

Meanwhile, both "Departed" fellas have their respective datebooks full, and not just with the oft-rumored "Departed" sequel talk. Scorsese’s got a handful of prospective directing gigs on the horizon, including a Rolling Stones music documentary; the religious-themed "Silence," set in feudal Japan; a William Monahan-penned rock ‘n roll epic; and the historical adaptation "The Long Play."

DiCaprio himself is looking at the Stephen Gaghan-helmed "Blink"; the Kate Winslet co-starring "Revolutionary Road"; and an adaptation of Robert Ludlum’s "The Chancellor Manuscript," which sounds like DiCaprio’s best shot at a Jason Bourne-type action role.

Source: Variety