Roth Readies "Hostel" Follow-Up

by | July 6, 2006 | Comments

We knew it was being fast-tracked, and now it looks like Eli Roth is all finished with his screenplay for "Hostel 2." The sequel will go into production this September, and the young horror freak will be shooting in Prague, the Czech Republic, and maybe Slovakia — even though that country is still a little steamed over the first "Hostel."

From Production Weekly: "Reiterating that the sequel would focus on three females, he added that it will be darker than the original. "The first ‘Hostel’ is a journey into hell that starts off fun," he said. "Part 2 is going to start off scary and stay creepy all the way through. I want it to feel like the movie is going to pick up on the next cut, as if you could watch the two movies back-to-back and it would be a three-hour movie. There will be some new things thrown in there but it has to look and feel like that movie."

Jay Hernandez will be returning for the sequel.

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