Monster Shark "Meg" Moving Forward?

by | January 2, 2007 | Comments

We’ve been hearing about the giant shark adventure "Meg" for quite some time now, but according to a recent update from Variety, director Jan de Bont is still pretty confident that the project will get before cameras some time soon.

Based on the novel by Steve Alten, "Meg" will (eventually) be about a massive prehistoric shark who appears and does all sorts of nasty things. So when’s the movie gonna hit?

From Variety: "Helmer Jan De Bont, who was attached to the project when it moved to New Line, notes the studio is in production on a trio of costly films — "Inkheart," "Rush Hour 3" and "The Golden Compass" — so it’s understandably cautious about greenlighting another tentpole. "But," he says, "I have no doubt Meg will swim." (Full story here.)