Marvel Takes Time on "Spider-Man 4"

by | June 18, 2007 | Comments

Whatever critics and analysts say about "Spider-Man 3," a fourth one is still a given. Even Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige concedes that, though what form it would take with which actors and directors remains to be decided.

"Marvel’s thoughts are that we couldn’t be happier with the success of Spider-Man 3," said Feige. "It’s the top grossing Spider-Man, or will be, of all time. So there definitely will be another Spider-Man adventure. I don’t know what that will take. The discussions with Sony and all that is just beginning."

Only two months later, there are still "Spider-Man 3" concerns to be addressed. "Everyone still, I think they’re still promoting it in some parts of the world and finishing Spidey 3. I know the whole team right now is still working on the Spider-Man 3 DVD so we’re still very much in finishing Spider-Man 3 mode."