Di Bonaventura Wants R-Rated Beverly Hills Cop IV

by | June 26, 2007 | Comments

While "Rocky Balboa" fights his last fight, "John Rambo" goes back into action, John McClane "Lives Free or Dies Hard" and "Indiana Jones" saddles up again, producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura is looking back at Axel Foley.

He wants to make a "Beverly Hills Cop IV" with Eddie Murphy, but Murphy’s status as a family comedian has studios worried about letting him swear up a storm again.

"I think it’s going to be a really interesting debate and it’s one we’re going to have for a while," said Di Bonaventura.

Of course, most of Murphy’s real fans want him to go back to the good old days. "That’s what I want. Will you guys call Paramount and tell them that? The studios says their research is telling them PG. I’m with you. I won’t do it if it’s PG-13."

Perhaps the fans clamoring for a "Cop IV" need to be more specific. "When you travel with Eddie, people constantly come up to him and go, ‘When are you going to do Axel? When are you going to do Axel?’ So I think there’s a reason why Indiana Jones, there’s a reason why these things come up is because the audience loves them that much that they’re the ones that usually are informing us why we should do it."