Darabont Still Hung Up on "Fahrenheit 451"

by | July 3, 2007 | Comments

Frank Darabont has been working on a remake of "Fahrenheit 451" since before he wrote an unused draft of "Indiana Jones IV." He’s wanted to make a movie more faithful to the Ray Bradbury book than the Francois Truffaut film. Unfortunately, according to producer Neil Meron, Darabont’s version won’t be coming soon.

"It’s still a ways away," said Meron. "It’s a difficult nut to crack. It’s another classic piece of material and all the elements have to be right before you get into something like that. They’re still lining up and Frank is still working away and we’re still dedicated to making it.”

Darabont is finishing his latest Stephen King movie, "The Mist." Producer Craig Zadan isn’t rushing him. "He’s just done another movie so we’re waiting until he finishes his other film and we’ll get back into it again," said Zadan.

Knowing Darabont’s focused, determined process, "Fahrenheit" could still be his next no matter how long it takes. "It may be next for him," said Meron. "You never know. The artistic process is a funny process."