Count Down Oscar History with RT's Best of the Best Pictures

by | February 16, 2007 | Comments

We’re kicking off a clear and sunny California Friday with a new feature: The Best of the Best Pictures, a convenient Tomatometer-sorted list of all 79 Best Picture Oscar winners. Where do your favorite (and least favorite) Best Picture picks rank? Click here to read the feature and find out!

Does "Forrest Gump" outrun "Chariots of Fire"? Is it "Patton" over "Platoon"? If you can’t muster the energy to click the link and must know right now, we can tell you that last on the list is the rotten "The Greatest Show on Earth," rendering its title bitterly ironic. And in the top spot? "The Godfather", the one movie no one’s ever been able to refuse.

Best Picture winner "Return of the King". Check out the rest of the winners.

And in the hallowed halls of Oscar glory, "Gone With the Wind" ranks in 17th place. Why are we telling you this? Because frankly, dear RT reader, we do give a…ah, just click here for the list and the rest of the results.