Comic-Con 2006: Singer Wants More Action for "Superman Returns" Sequel; Open to Directing Another "X-Men" Movie

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Directors Bryan Singer and Richard Donner were on stage together for the "Superman Returns" Q&A, but before that, Singer showed a blooper reel. Oh the things coming out of the cast’s mouths.

I won’t give it away here, but don’t worry, Singer assures us it’ll be on the DVD for those of us who can’t attend Comic-Con. Read on for the highlights of this panel and my one-one-one with the director. Also got a little preview of the "Snakes on a Plane" 10-min clip.

Superman Returns Sequel, X-Men and Logan’s Run
The "Superman Returns" sequel will have more action, director Bryan Singer reveals, but he probably won’t get around to it until 2009. He plans to either take a rest or do a smaller movie next, citing the tolls in doing movies like "Superman Returns" and "X-Men."

When asked if he’ll return to direct another "X-Men" movie, director Richard Donner answered for Singer that he will. Given Singer’s close relationship with Richard Donner and the producer of the "X-men" movies is Donner’s wife…it may happen.

"Logan’s Run" remake is on hold at the moment. Another director may take over should Singer ultimately passed, according to producer Joel Silver, whom I spoke to earlier.

Snakes on a Plane
A ten minutes clip of the movie was shown, with director David R. Ellis, Samuel L. Jackson, and snake handler Jules Sylvester on hand afterward to Q&A. The clip is as bad-assed as one can expect from a picture like this. Check out my description of the clip or watch it here.

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