Brandon Routh and Bryan Singer Tease "Superman Returns" Sequel

by | November 17, 2006 | Comments

At the DVD launch party for "Superman Returns," Brandon Routh continued offering teases for the as yet unwritten sequel, The Man of Steel. This time, he speculated on who a new villain might be.

"There’s a lot of talk about Braniac," said Routh. "Everyone wants to see Braniac. But I’ll tell you what, in the video game ‘Superman Returns,’ you can play as Bizarro. Bizarro’s pretty fun. I would lean towards one of those. Braniac, there’s a lot of possibilities there. He’s another mastermind villain so he can create any number of evil things."

Inside the party, Bryan Singer could be overheard suggesting the sequel will be two hours and seven minutes with lots of action. He also promised to give Tristan Lake Leabu, who plays the young superkid, a lot to do.

Back on the red carpet, Routh admitted he’d had some doubt a sequel would materialize, but always hoped to play Superman at least twice. "Maybe a little bit, but I have intended from the very beginning when I got the role to know that I’d at least wanted to do two films. Do the first one, get my feet, figure out what I’m doing and then the second one, it’s not a piece of cake but it’s definitely much more enjoyable and definitely let it all hang out there."