"Blob" Remake is Funny, Sci-Fi Horror

by | March 25, 2007 | Comments

There’s been a slow moving alien Blob and a speedier and gorier chemical blob, but the third incarnation of the sci-fi film will be a funny Blob. Co-writer Chad Hayes ("The Reaping") explained how the script he wrote with brother Carey plays off of modern environmental concerns.

"We’re an acronym," he explained. "It’s Biologically Lethal Organic Bomb. What we did is we go back to the ’50s with all the government experiments when they were messing with stuff they shouldn’t have. The movie opens with it being stolen by you don’t know who. Then there is an airplane crash with the people that stole it across the deck of a semester at sea research vessel. And then the fun begins."

Describing the tone as "Shaun of the Dead" or "Tremors," Hayes also detailed the new BLOB’s powers. "There’s nothing slow about the BLOB. It’s intelligent. It’s got attitude. It consumes your intelligence as it gets you so that it has ways of outsmarting you. It’s just kind of nonstop. It’s a comedy. It’s fun. It’s a new area for us to explore. We had never written comedy before and we had a great time."

Now the Hayes brothers await a green light for their BLOB. "It’s with Scott Rudin and he split up from Paramount so it’s in that land now where they’re figuring it out. We’re expecting the call any day. Everyone’s excited about it."