A "Superman Returns" Sequel? Don't Hold Your Breath

by | March 16, 2007 | Comments

All that talk about potential villains for the "Superman Returns" sequel will have to remain conjecture for awhile — the film’s director, Bryan Singer, has his plate full with other projects, including a just-announced reunion with "The Usual Suspects" screenwriter Chris McQuarrie for Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner’s United Artists imprint.

Details are scant — pretty much all that’s being said right now is that the film will be a World War II ensemble piece — but the project has fallen together pretty easily thus far. As Singer told Variety:

"This was something Chris showed me late last year, and we worked on it quietly during the holidays…We brought it to UA and it was nice one-stop shopping. We decided it was the right place to make this movie, as opposed to shopping it around. It’s a period in history that has always fascinated me, and we found a very interesting story that materialized into a pretty wonderful script."

Cruise and Wagner, who revived United Artists last fall, have taken on a few development projects, and are in production on director Robert Redford’s "Lions for Lambs," starring Cruise and Meryl Streep, but they’ve been fairly choosy about their releases thus far, which would seem to bode well for Singer and McQuarrie’s latest venture.

And don’t feel bad for Warner Bros., the studio that released "Superman Returns." Singer has several projects in development for Warners, including a Harvey Milk biopic and the ABC television pilot "Football Wives."

Source: Variety
Source: IGN Movies