Weekly Ketchup

The Weekly Ketchup: More Frodo For Wood, More Dark Knight News, Golden Globes Wrap-up

Also, two Harry Potters; and what now, Uwe Boll?

by | January 18, 2008 | Comments

In this week’s Ketchup, Elijah Wood proclaims his excitement over the resurrection of The Hobbit, the complete Dark Knight cast list appears online, and critics may not have Uwe Boll to kick around much longer. Also, no strike got in the way of our complete Golden Globes wrap-up, and a possible solution to the ever expanding Harry Potter screenplays.

This Week’s Top News:

Elijah Wood: Once a Frodo, Always a Frodo
Count Elijah Wood as one of the millions excited about the news of Peter Jackson’s involvement in those planned Hobbit films — and another member of the Lord of the Rings cast who’s game for a return to Middle-earth.

The Dark Knight’s Character List Leaked Online?
It’s been awhile since we ran a story about The Dark Knight, we know — but as proof that we’ve repented of our Bat-deficient ways, here’s a doozy of an item!

Has Uwe Boll Directed His Final Big-Budget Flop?
Dozens of you have repeatedly wondered what it would take to keep Uwe Boll from making more big-budget films. As of today, you may finally have your answer.

And the Golden Globes Winners Are…
It was missing the glitz and glitter of previous years, but the 65th annual Golden Globes were held via press conference yesterday, with Atonement, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, No Country for Old Men, and Sweeney Todd leading the crowd at two wins apiece.

Warners Splitting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows In Two?
They’ve all been well-received by fans and critics, but the Harry Potter films — particularly the later ones — have come under fire for the progressively larger chunks of the books that have been left off the screen. When it comes to the final installment of the series, however, this all might change.

This may turn out to be the last great work from our dear Uwe. In Other News:

Plenty of life after 007