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6 TV Shows You Should Binge-Watch This March

by | March 1, 2016 | Comments

March 20th will officially mark the first day of Spring this year, but until then, we’re looking at a few more weeks of Winter. In other words, you might not need as many blankets while you’re lounging on the couch, but it’s still a pretty good time to keep warm indoors with a good, bingeworthy show. With that in mind, here are six choices we recommend for your extended viewing pleasure during the month of March.

Marvel's Daredevil: Season 2 (2016) 81%


What it is: Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) fights organized crime in New York City as a lawyer during the day, and as a super-powered, martial arts-fighting vigilante at night.

Why you should watch it: Daredevil is one of the best-executed comic book adaptations on television to date — if not the best. Season one began with Matt Murdock testing the limits of his powers against the formidable Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin, played magnificently by Vincent D’Onofrio). Season two, which drops exclusively on Netflix on March 18, promises the introduction of Frank Castle (better known as Punisher) and Elektra Natchios, which will make for some exciting action and intense drama, so this is the perfect time to catch up on the first season if you missed it. Then you can power through season two with the rest of us.

Where to watch: Netflix

Commitment: About 13 hours.

The Americans: Season 4 (2016) 99%


What it is: A couple of KGB spies (Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys) pose as a married American couple in 1980s Washington, D.C.

Why you should watch it: It’s like your favorite Russian spy movie… but as a television series. Rhys and Russell play Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, the two spies who are oh-so-smooth with every move. Its potent mix of family drama, espionage intrigue, period details, and thrilling action have kept fans coming back for more, and with season four coming on March 16, it’s a great time to find out for yourself what the buzz is about. Give it a chance, and you may find yourself hooked.

Where to watch: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, MicrosoftPlayStation Video, and Vudu

Commitment: 30 hours.

Archer: P.I. (2016) 100%


What it is: Sterling Archer is a top agent at the spy agency owned and run by his mother. The agents are skilled operatives of dubious moral fiber, driven by personal gain and acts of interoffice sabotage, and Archer is the worst offender.

Why you should watch it: Archer delivers consistently hilarious comedy, thanks to a top notch ensemble of voice actors, and Adam Reed’s singular vision for the show. Reed had past projects featured on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim (Frisky Dingo, Sealab 2021), and Archer possesses the same snappy dialogue and manic, rapid-fire irreverence. You may sometimes question yourself for laughing at some of Archer‘s debauched shenanigans, but laugh you will. Season seven premieres March 31st on FX, so you’ll have all month to get caught up.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime (S1-S5), Amazon (S6)Google Play, iTunes, MicrosoftPlayStation Video, and  Vudu

Commitment: Just over 26 hours in the Danger Zone!

Empire: Season 2 (2015) 87%


What it is: After he is diagnosed with ALS, a former drug dealer-turned-hip-hop record mogul pit his three sons against each other for control of the enterprise. Meanwhile, his ex-wife is released from a long bid in prison and stakes her own claim on the company she helped build.

Why you should watch it: Empire boasts a pretty high caliber of talent, both in producer Lee Daniels (Precious, The Butler) and stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson, and the top-notch soundtrack comes courtesy of powerhouse producer Timbaland — which is a good thing, considering this is a series about music. But this is no fly-by-night gimmick; thanks to solid writing, engaging performances, and the aforementioned music, Empire has secured Certified Fresh status for seasons one and two, the latter of which comes back from hiatus on March 30th. That’s plenty of time for you to catch up.

Where to watch: AmazonGoogle Play, HuluiTunesMicrosoft, Playstation VideoVudu

Commitment: About 6 hours.

Louie: Season 5 (2015) 92%


What it is: In this quasi-autobiographical FX series, Louis CK plays himself, a stand-up comedian and single dad living in New York City.

Why you should watch it: There’s nothing else like Louie on television right now — and that’s mostly because Louis CK holds a majority of the artistic control. He writes, directs and stars in all the episodes, and even edits some of them, making him one of the few — if the only — true auteurs of television. His encapsulation of the human experience is at once hilarious and sad and his hometown of The Big Apple is the perfect setting for examining everything wonderful, awful, and downright weird about people.

Where to watch: Amazon, Google Play, Hulu PlusiTunes, MicrosoftNetflixPlayStation Video, and Vudu

Commitment: About 19.5 hours.

Happy Valley: Season 2 (2016) 100%


What it is: A West Yorkshire police sergeant attempts to track down the man who raped her daughter and drove her to suicide, but soon discovers the same man may be involved in the kidnapping of another girl.

Why you should watch it: Happy Valley, a BBC One show, was originally set to be a single story in a closed series, so you won’t be looking at a case that remains unsolved over several seasons, and British programs have a knack for well-paced, exquisitely crafted drama because of this. Sarah Lancashire anchors this engrossing tale of obsession and justice in the lead role, and the story keeps viewers on their toes with some dark, unexpected turns. Don’t be fooled; this is not your typical police procedural. With Netflix bringing the second season to the US on March 16, you’ve got a couple of weeks to watch the six episodes of season one.

Where to watch: Amazon, Google PlayHulu, iTunesMicrosoft, Netflix, PlayStation Store, and Vudu.

Commitment: About 6 hours.