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6 TV Shows and Movies You Should Binge-Watch In January

True Detective, Ryan Murphy's Feud, Seth McFarlane's Ted movies, and two more shows to catch up on in January.

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True Detective, Hightown, Feud and Good Trouble all return for new seasons in January. Also, Peacock’s Ted premieres, which will inspire a rewatch of Seth MacFarlane’s two hilarious movies starring Mark Wahlberg. Here are six streaming shows and movies you should catch up on before they kick off new seasons.

- - Good Trouble (Hulu)

What it is: Good Trouble follows Callie and Mariana as they embark on the next adventure in their lives in Los Angeles. Mariana tackles the male-dominated world of tech, and Callie faces the harsh realities of the legal system as she clerks for a federal judge. After moving to The Coterie in downtown Los Angeles, Callie and Mariana realize that living on their own is not all it’s cracked up to be. Although they have new neighbors, new romances, and new challenges, the sisters must rely on each other to navigate the City of Angels. Season 5, Part 2 premieres Tuesday, January 2.

Why you should watch it: As a spinoff of The Fosters, the series offers a nice progression of these characters’ stories as they tackle all the struggles that come with entering your early 20s. Due to strong writing and relevant themes, it’s also a show any audience (Gen Z or otherwise) can find quite engaging.

Where to watch: Hulu (subscription, seasons 1-5); buy at Prime Video and Apple TV.

Commitment: Approx. 67 hours (for seasons 1-5)

69% Ted (2012)
44% Ted 2 (2015)

What it is: When John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) was a little boy, he made a wish that Ted (Seth MacFarlane), his beloved teddy bear, would come alive. Thirty years later, foul-mouthed Ted is still John’s constant companion, much to the chagrin of Lori (Mila Kunis), John’s girlfriend. Though Lori’s displeasure is exacerbated by the pair’s constant consumption of beer and weed, she’s not the one who’s most disappointed with John; it may take the intervention of John’s boyhood toy to help him grow up at last. The story continues with Ted, a new prequel series, premiering Thursday, January 11.

Why you should watch it: Simply put, you should watch it for Ted the raunchy, foul-mouthed titular teddy bear who has a penchant for audacious (albeit immature) one-liners.

Where to watch: Stream, rent or buy Ted at Prime Video; rent or buy at Vudu and Apple TV+; stream Ted 2  at Netflix; rent or buy at VuduPrime Video, and Apple TV+.

Commitment: Approx. 4 hours (for both movies)

79% True Detective (Max)

What it is: Law enforcement officers navigate a web of conspiracy to deal with a bizarre murder in this brooding crime anthology series. Season 4 premieres Sunday, January 14.

Why you should watch it: The combination of supernatural themes, brooding cinematic tone, and deeply invested performances make this anthology thriller a stand-out in a cluttered landscape filled with formulaic genre releases. Previous seasons also boast a wealth of talent that includes Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, and Mahershala Ali, just to name a few, while the upcoming season 4 (aka Night Country) centers on a character played by Jodie Foster.

Where to watch: Max (subscription, seasons 1-3); buy at Vudu, Prime Video and Apple TV.

Commitment: Approx. 28 hours (for seasons 1-3)

- - Hightown (Prime Video, Starz)

What it is: Jackie Quiñones, a hard-partying National Marine Fisheries Service agent, has her life thrown into disarray when she gets tasked with investigating serious crimes in her popular beach community. As if battling criminals isn’t hard enough, Jackie walks the tightrope of sobriety as she tries to stay above a pool of secrets, betrayal and shame from her past. She finds herself at odds with Sgt. Ray Abruzzo, an abrasive but effective member of the Cape Cod Interagency Narcotics Unit, until he becomes disgraced and is taken off the force as they both spiral from the stress of their investigations. Season 3 premieres Friday, January 26.

Why you should watch it: It’s a heartbreaking drama that sidesteps most expectations that come with the police procedural genre, and that’s mostly due to Monica Raymund’s poignant performance as Jackie.

Where to watch: Prime Video (subscription with Starz, seasons 1-2); buy at Vudu and Apple TV.

Commitment: Approx. 17 hours (for seasons 1-2)

86% Feud (FX, Hulu)

What it is: A docudrama anthology series created by Emmy-winning producer Ryan Murphy, the first installment explores the famous feud between What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? co-stars Joan Crawford and Bette Davis while shooting the 1962 film. This first installment recalls the details of the legendary rivalry the Oscar-winning actresses had while filming the movie and extended well after the cameras stopped rolling. Feud recalls how the ladies struggled to hang on to fame in the twilight of their careers as they faced such obstacles as ageism, sexism and misogyny. The second installment is an adaptation of Laurence Leamer’s bestselling book Capote’s Women: A True Story of Love, Betrayal, and a Swan Song for an Era about acclaimed writer Truman Capote and the coterie of New York’s most elite women (whom he nicknamed “the swans”) that he surrounded himself with. Season 2 premieres its first two episodes on Wednesday, January 31 on FX; All episodes will be available to stream the next day on Hulu.

Why you should watch it: This one is all about classic Hollywood and explores the famous rivalry between two of the biggest stars at the time. Riveting and relevant with epic performances by all involved, this is Ryan Murphy at his best.

Where to watch:  Hulu (subscription, season 1); buy at Vudu, Prime Video, and Apple TV.

Commitment: Approx. 7 hours (for season 1)

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