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6 TV and Streaming Shows You Should Binge-Watch This November

From The Crown and Titans to Mythic Quest, Gangs of London, and more, here's what you should catch up on this month.

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Looking for something to binge this November? The holiday season may be right around the corner, but there is still plenty of non-festive programming options at your fingertips. Kick off your shoes, grab a hot drink, and sit back as we walk you through six returning series that are all well worth your time.

96% The Capture

What it is:  Surveillance and the rise of deepfake technology are at the center of this espionage thriller that follows DCI Rachel Carey (Holiday Grainger) as she investigates crimes, conspiracies, and corruption that go all the way to the top. Season 2 premieres November 3.

Why you should watch it: Tapping into the real world insecurities regarding government overreach, misinformation, and our growing reliance on technology, The Capture takes the tried-and-true procedural narrative and flips it. You can see the counter-terrorism inspiration from 24 in the fabric of the series, but thanks to the use of deepfake technology, the ongoing mystery that’s being investigated unravels in consistently unpredictable ways. What’s real and what’s not? Well, you’ve got to watch the show to find out.

Where to watch seasons 1-2: Peacock (Subscription, Seasons 1-2), Apple TV (Buy, Season 1),  Prime Video (Buy, Season 1), Google Play (Buy, Season 1), and Vudu (Buy, Season 1)

Commitment: Approx. 6 hours (for the first season)

89% Titans

What it is:  An edgy, live-action take on DC Comics’ Teen Titans that follows Dick Grayson, Rachel Roth, and more young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age, fight evil, and do their best to figure out where they belong in the world. Season 4, Part 1 premieres November 3.

Why you should watch it: It’s a Batman-esque series, but without the caped crusader. That may be an issue for some, but seeing Dick Grayson (aka Robin, aka Nightwing) finally take up a leadership position is worth checking out the show. Not to mention, Titans offers a more mature perspective to the DC characters, giving way to some colorful language and grittier action.

Where to watch seasons 1-4: HBO Max (Subscription), Apple TV (Buy), Vudu (Buy, Seasons 1-3), Prime Video (Buy, Seasons 1-3),

Commitment: Approx. 30 hours (for the first three seasons)

81% The Crown

What it is:  Netflix’s sweeping epic about the British Royal family that follows the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s rise to power and the political and personal events that shaped her reign. Season 5 premieres November 9.

Why you should watch it: What can be said about The Crown that hasn’t already been said? Its revolving cast of talent due to the regular jumps in the show’s timeline is continually stellar, the writing is sharp and engaging, and while it’s a fictional dramatization based on real-life events, the subject matter being explored remains as heartfelt and enthralling as ever.

Where to watch seasons 1-4: Netflix

Commitment: Approx. 40 hours (for the first four seasons)

97% Mythic Quest

What it is: A workplace comedy that delves into the world of video game development, centering on the dysfunctional team (led by Rob McElhenney’s egomaniacal Ian Grimm) who created the world’s biggest multiplayer game of all time: “Mythic Quest.” Season 3 premieres November 11.

Why you should watch it: Aside from the fact that this is a well-written workplace comedy with fun, fleshed-out characters and regularly absurd plotlines, the series plucks the heart strings as well, with a collection of deeply emotional episodes that are sure to deepen any viewer’s investment in the ongoing plight of the dysfunctional team working day and night to keep Mythic Quest up and running.

Where to watch seasons 1-2: Apple TV (Subscription, Buy)

Commitment: Approx. 10 hours (for the first two seasons)

88% Dead to Me

What it is:  A dark comedy that follows the unlikely friendship that blossoms between Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) two polar opposites who meet at a grief support group after suffering tragic losses in their personal lives. Season 3 premieres November 17

Why you should watch it: It’s not often that we see a television show where the core drive of the narrative is a female friendship. The chemistry between Applegate and Cardellini help lift up the comedy, which delves deep into their trauma bond, while offering some light satire of the “rich people problems” those on the other side of the mansion’s highly-secured fence may struggle with.

Where to watch seasons 1-2: Netflix

Commitment: Approx. 10 hours (for the first two seasons)

86% Gangs of London

What it is:  A drama that explores the power vacuum created in the criminal underworld and the gang warfare that erupts along the streets of London after the head of the most powerful crime family is assassinated. Season 2 premieres November 17.

Why you should watch it: This is a show from Gareth Edwards, the director behind the mind-blowing action film The Raid. With that in mind, the fight sequences are the highlight here. With a highly-polished production value and a fair amount of grit, this program about bad people doing bad things is a brutally fun watch.

Where to watch seasons 1: AMC+ (Subscription), Prime Video (Subscription, Buy, Season 1), Apple TV (Buy, Season 1), Google Play (Buy, Season 1), Vudu (Buy, Season 1) Fubo TV (Subscription, Season 1)

Commitment: Approx. 8 hours (for the first season)

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