50 Fresh Scary Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

by | October 19, 2017 | Comments

Halloween is nigh upon us, and ’tis the season for ghoulish celebrations. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a handy list of well-reviewed movies and TV shows you can stream on Netflix right now, in case you want to get a head start on the spooky festivities. Whether you’re looking for a classic slasher flick, a pyschological thriller, a horror comedy, or even something you can watch with the kids, we’ve got you covered. See below for all of the selections.

1. ABCs of Death 2 (2014) 75%

(Photo by Magnet Releasing)

This follow-up to the 2013 omnibus film features 26 horror segments — one for each letter of the alphabet — helmed by 26 different directors.

2. American Horror Story 78%

(Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology series boasts spooky environs, provocative themes, and top-notch acting from Jessica Lange, Dylan McDermott, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Zachary Quinto, and Frances Conroy. Seasons 1-6 are available to stream.

3. The Babadook (2014) 98%

(Photo by IFC Midnight)

Writer-director Jennifer Kent’s Golden Tomato Award-winning horror film tells the deeply unnerving story a widow and her six-year-old who are bedeviled by a storybook monster.

4. Baskin (2016) 76%

(Photo by IFC Midnight)

This Turkish horror film tells the terrifying tale of a group of cops who stumble into an otherworldly realm.

5. Bates Motel 93%

(Photo by Joe Lederer/A&E)

Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot, and Olivia Cooke star in this reimagining of Norman Bates’ teenage years — those carefree days before he took over the family business and had to deal with constant nagging from Mother. Seasons 1-4 are available.

6. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari) (1920) 100%

Arguably considered the first true horror film, this silent era classic tells the story of a traveling hypnotist with a murderous secret.

7. The Canal (2014) 75%

(Photo by The Orchard)

A film archivist discovers that the home he shares with his family was the site of a brutal murder and soon finds himself terrorized by evil visions and a dark presence in this Irish import.

8. Castlevania 79%

(Photo by Netflix)

This Netflix animated series based on the classic video game franchise centers on the last in a long line of monster hunters, who attempts to keep his country safe from a vengeful vampire.

9. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (2005) 84%

(Photo by Warner Brothers courtesy Everett Collection)

Tim Burton’s first foray into stop-motion animation follows a young groom-to-be named Victor (voiced by Johnny Depp) who unwittingly marries an undead woman (Helena Bonham-Carter) while practicing his wedding vows.

10. Creep (2015) 96%

(Photo by RADiUS-TWC)

Mark Duplass and director Patrick Brice star in Brice’s psychological thriller about an amateur videographer who agrees to film a man who lives in the woods for a day, only to discover the man may not be all that he seems.

11. Cult of Chucky (2017) 83%

(Photo by Allen Fraser/Universal Pictures)

The latest installment of the long-running horror franchise finds the demonic doll terrorizing a woman in an asylum, while his old nemesis attempts to save her.

12. A Dark Song (2017) 91%

(Photo by IFC Midnight)

This horror-tinged drama centers on two people who travel to a remote house to experiment with occult rituals.

13. Deathgasm (2015) 87%

(Photo by MPI Media)

While trying to escape their restrictive lives, two teens in a heavy metal band perform a piece of forbidden music that unlocks the gates of hell.

14. The Den (2014) 78%

(Photo by Bernard Hunt/IFC Midnight)

After witnessing what she believes is a murder on an internet video chat site, a young grad student decides to investigate it herself and becomes the next victim.

15. The Devil's Candy (2017) 91%

(Photo by IFC Midnight)

Ethan Embry and Shiri Appleby star as a couple who move with their daughter into a new home, where the husband — and a deranged former resident who returns to terrorize them — is haunted by mysterious voices.

16. Extraordinary Tales (2015) 61%

(Photo by Mélusine Productions)

Edgar Allan Poe’s dark words come to life in this animated anthology including stories such as “The Pit and the Pendulum” and “The Tell-Tale Heart,” narrated by the likes of Christopher Lee and Guillermo Del Toro.

17. The Eyes of My Mother (2016) 76%

(Photo by Magnet Releasing)

This indie horror film centers on the immensely disturbing life led by a young woman after a shattering act of violence.

18. Gerald's Game (2017) 90%

(Photo by Netflix)

Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood star in Mike Flanagan’s Netflix original adaptation of the Stephen King novel about a woman who is left chained to a bed when a sex game with her husband goes tragically wrong.

19. Goosebumps (2015) 77%

(Photo by Columbia Pictures)

Jack Black stars in this fantasy adventure as author R.L. Stine, whose various Goosebumps creations come to life and terrorize his town. He must team up with his daughter and next door neighbor to stop the madness.

20. The Hallow (The Woods) (2015) 74%

(Photo by IFC Midnight)

In this thriller from the UK, a young family moves in to a secluded house, disturbing an ancient evil that resides in the woods nearby.

21. He Never Died (2015) 87%

(Photo by Vertical Entertainment)

Henry Rollins stars in this horror comedy about a grizzled depressive who literally cannot expire.

22. Hellraiser (1987) 68%

(Photo by New World Releasing courtesy Everett Collection)

Clive Barker’s 1987 feature debut is a grisly affair that takes full advantage of his twisted imagination and births a memorable villain.

23. The Host (2007) 93%

(Photo by Magnolia Pictures courtesy Everett Collection)

South Korea’s highest grossing film ever at the time of its release, The Host is director Bong Joon-ho’s breakout film, a sci-fi monster flick that combines scares, laughs, and satire in service of a popcorn flick as entertaining as it is intellectually satisfying.

24. Housebound (2014) 97%

(Photo by Xlrator Media)

In this horror comedy from New Zealand, a woman sentenced to home confinement discovers her house is occupied by a malevolent spirit.

25. Hush (2016) 89%

(Photo by Intrepid Pictures)

Kate Siegel plays a young deaf author living alone who is terrorized by a masked killer (John Gallagher Jr.)… who then turns the tables on her attacker.

26. The Invitation (2016) 88%

(Photo by Drafthouse Films)

A man accepts an invitation to a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife, an unsettling affair that reopens old wounds and creates new tensions.

27. It Follows (2015) 97%

(Photo by RADiUS-TWC)

Maika Monroe stars as a suburban Michigan teen who becomes infected with a malevolent spirit after a sexual encounter, and it won’t stop pursuing her until she gives it to someone else — or dies.

28. iZombie 95%

(Photo by Diyah Pera/The CW)

In this CW series loosely based on the DC comic, Rose McIver stars as Liv, a zombie who helps police solve murders by eating dead victims’ brains and absorbing their memories. Seasons 1-3 are available.

29. Monsters (2010) 73%

(Photo by Magnet Releasing courtesy Everett Collection)

Scoot McNairy stars in this a low-budget sci-fi thriller about an attempt by the millitary to contain quarantined alien life.

30. Penny Dreadful 91%

(Photo by Jonathan Hession/Showtime)

Eva Green and Timothy Dalton lead an ensemble cast in Showtime’s gothic supernatural drama, which draws characters from classic literature like Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and Dracula. All three seasons are available.

31. Raw (2017) 91%

(Photo by Focus World)

This unusual horror/dark comedy/coming-of-age film centers on a lifelong vegetarian who discovers a taste for raw meat during her first year of veterinary school.

32. The Returned 97%

(Photo by Haut Et Court/Canal +/Sundance Channel)

This French series, which aired in the US on SundanceTV and was subsequently remade in English, follows a small mountain community where the deceased begin reappearing, accompanied by unexplained supernatural phenomena. Both seasons are available.

33. Santa Clarita Diet 79%

(Photo by Erica Parise/Netflix)

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant star in this Netflix original horror-comedy about a suburban couple dealing with the wife’s sudden appetite for human flesh.

34. Sharknado (2013) 82%

Tara Reid, Ian Ziering, and John Heard star in this eerily plausible sci-fi adventure about a devastating storm that facilitates a shark attack on Los Angeles.

35. Sleepy Hollow (1999) 68%

Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, and Christopher Walken star in Tim Burton’s take on the classic tale of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman.

36. Stake Land (2011) 75%

(Photo by GlassEyePix/IFC Films)

Directed by Jim Mickle, Stake Land is a post-apocalyptic indie horror road movie about vampire hunters that’s brimming with atmosphere.

37. Starry Eyes (2014) 76%

(Photo by MPI Media Group)

This sci-fi horror hybrid tells the tale of an ambitious actress who is unwittingly enlisted by a sinister organization for a strange performance.

38. Stranger Things 94%

This wildly popular Netflix original series follows a group of precocious teens in a small Indiana town in 1983 as they attempt to make sense of the supernatural phenomena happening around them. Season 1 is available now, and season 2 is set to drop on October 27.

39. Supernatural 87%

(Photo by Warner Bros. courtesy Everett Collection)

The demon-hunting Winchester brothers (played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) continue their quest to fight evil wherever they find it in this long-running CW horror series. Seasons 1-12 are available to stream.

40. Teeth (2007) 80%

(Photo by Weinstein Company courtesy Everett Collection)

Jess Weixler stars in this tongue-in-cheek horror comedy about a teenager who discovers she has teeth in her vagina. Yes, you read that correctly.

41. They Look Like People (2015) 90%

(Photo by Gravitas Ventures)

This psychological thriller centers on a man who is convinced the world is on the verge of being overtaken by demons and attempts to hide his fear from a friend. Is he going mad, or is it real?

42. Train to Busan (Busanhaeng) (2016) 96%

(Photo by Well Go USA Entertainment)

This apocalyptic action-horror film from South Korea follows a group of passengers on a commuter train fighting to survive a zombie outbreak.

43. The Transfiguration (2017) 84%

(Photo by Strand Releasing)

This thriller follows a trouble teen fascinated by vampires who meets another outcast and forms a potentially fraught bond with her.

44. Trollhunter (2011) 83%

(Photo by Magnet Releasing courtesy Everett Collection)

This Norwegian found footage horror comedy follows a group of college students in pursuit of a suspected bear poacher who instead stumble upon an unexpected discovery.

45. Under The Shadow (2016) 99%

(Photo by Kit Fraser/Vertical Entertainment)

This acclaimed horror hybrid from debuting writer-director Babak Anvari is set in war-torn Tehran and centers on a mother and daughter who may or may not be suffering from the presence of a Djinn.

46. The Void (2017) 75%

(Photo by Screen Media Films)

This horror film centers on the supernatural chaos that erupts after a policeman discovers a dying man and rushes him to treatment at a nearby hospital.

47. The Wailing (Goksung) (2016) 99%

(Photo by Well Go USA)

This South Korean horror drama centers on a small town reeling from a series of brutal murders after the arrival of a mysterious stranger.

48. The Walking Dead 81%

(Photo by Frank Ockenfels/AMC)

Thoughtful and gory in equal measure, AMC’s wildly popular action drama follows the lives of a handful of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Seasons 1-7 are available.

49. We Are Still Here (2015) 95%

(Photo by Dark Sky Films)

Writer/director Ted Geoghegan makes a strong, stylish feature debut with this horror story about a grieving couple who move to a secluded home after the tragic death of their son; little do they know that their new home has a bloody past.

50. Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994) 78%

(Photo by New Line Cinema)

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare is a self-conscious meta deconstruction of horror films that also happens to be one of the strongest entries in the Freddy Krueger saga.

  • Sammie

    Just a heads up- you listed the description for V/H/S Viral, not V/H/S/2.

  • lucky gmail

    Why do they make so damned many films in the “comedy/horror” category? If I go see a horror film I DON’T WANT COMEDY. If I did, I’d go see a COMEDY!

    • jessi teixeira

      Completely agree.

      • lucky gmail

        Nice to know I’m not the only purist out here!

    • MrPoster42

      Most of the best horror movies are horror/comedy.

      • Robert Klouse

        Like,monster in the closet! !

        • Tynan Patrick

          evil dead 2 and army of darkness. tucker and dale is pretty good as well.

    • Mike Mitchell

      Because it is a well known fact in psychology that fear and laughter go hand in hand. And besides, you can be a comedy and horror elements in it, and be a horror with comedic elements in it. Just look at the Evil Dead series, or Cabin in the Woods. Scream is chock full of laughs to be had and plenty of scares. NIghtmare on Elm Street, F13… all of the greats have a few things in common… they make you scream, then laugh and then scream again, sending your body and your senses on an emotional rollercoaster.

      • lucky gmail

        Is that a fact, huh? I didn’t even THINK of laughing at all during “The Exorcist”! But hey, how can ANYTHING compete with the cinematic excellence of “Scream” or “Cabin in the Woods”? Get real!

        • Erich Kuersten

          Sorry Lucky, but THE EXORCIST was hilarious!

          • lucky gmail

            And I guess Zombeavers scared YOU silly, huh? Get some warm milk; mommy will be there to tuck you in soon, poor baby!

          • Tynan Patrick

            the problem is that times have changed. anyone watching the exorcist now probably isn’t going to find it scary or disturbing, thanks to youtube and a billion other movies they won’t have an issue with the green slime vomit either. movies like that were great when they came out. but if you are looking to be scared, that type of shock factor isn’t going to do it for you anymore. remember, people legitimately thought creature from the black lagoon was scary. I love creature and i appreciate exorcist, but neither is scary anymore. studios still make plenty of pure horror films (a huge number of exorcism films in the past 5 years, Insidious, the conjuring, annabelle, etc.) but most of them are niche and more often than not bad(which, granted, has always been the deal with horror movies. its my favorite genre, but you have to sit through 10 bad ones for every good one and 50 bad ones for every great one). making them crossover horror comedy appeals to a broader audience and maybe even pulls some of that audience over to being full blown horror fans. long story short, there are plenty of both types of horror films, studios are churning out more movies than ever, if you can’t find something you like, thats on you, no one is making you watch zombeavers or sharknado. I didnt watch either, but I’m not going to go online and bash them for no reason.

          • Tynan Patrick

            BTW, i would argue that Evil Dead 2 is maybe the best thing the horror genre has ever produced, its endlessly rewatchable and has a little of everything with good acting and execution. it falls squarely into the horror/comedy sub-genre.

          • Ailora

            Not to mention Fright Night and Fright Night 2.. Those are two of my all time favorite horror movies (especially FN1)! They genuinely had creepy / scary moments and they are super funny as well. What’s even better (and what truly makes FN horror classic to me) is the fact that suspense was built and the scares didn’t rely on lame “jump out at you” stunts.

          • lucky gmail

            What makes “The Exorcist” so truly scary is the fact that it’s a film about something that actually happened. Try growing up & living a block and a half away from the bedroom where it all took place. It gives one an entirely different perspective about how close evil can get. I was in the audience for the premier showing on Christmas Day 1973 at the Brentwood Theater, in St. Louis, Mo.; and to this day, when I think about that experience the hair on my neck STILL stands up. You would have had to just be there I guess.

          • Appalachian

            Well there you go. I am sure if you believe it actually happened it may seem scary. Nowadays folks aren’t so gullible. The movie hasn’t aged well and I find it to be quite boring.

          • Reksel

            The sooner you realize that most horror movies can tuck people to sleep, make them laugh from stupidity, (Or make them disappointed) the better.

            “Director Friedkin’s film will be profoundly disturbing to all audiences, especially the more sensitive and those who tend to ‘live’ the movies they see … ”

            Heh… Sensitive. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

            Usually. I find myself more enjoyed at watching horrors with comedy involved and not some dank “SPLIT UP, SEARCH AND GET GUTTED” or “EXCESSIVE JUMPSCARE GALORE” films.

            Note: I have watched A LOT of horror movies, and indie horror movies and the likes, and I will give The Exorcist (1973) another spin as I do not recall the movie at all.

          • doc

            Really, you think that actually happened? It’s about as historically accurate as Braveheart.

          • lucky gmail

            I lived a block and a half away when it happened….and oh yeah….it happened alright, whether you want to admit it or not.

          • doc

            whatever you say buddy.

          • Tynan Patrick

            again, your talking more about an experience than the actual film. its aged terrible as most “pure” horror films do. the best horror is at least laced with a bit of humor, this makes the film a little more timeless. the exorcist is just a movie built entirely around shock factor, shock factor movies work when they come out, but they tend to age terribly as newer films push the boundaries further and further. exorcist is not a bad film, but it isn’t a shining example of horror in film, to me, thats evil dead 2. We can have different opinions, and thats fine, my point is just that you shouldn’t bash a whole sub genre of film for no reason. they still make plenty of pure horror films, specifically in the same group as the exorcist (excorsism of emily rose, the conjuring, the last exorcism etc.), the growth of the horror comedy is nothing to scoff at, they are churning out far better movies that most genres over the past 15 years.

        • newyorktrev

          I actually thought The Exorcist was a pretty silly movie. The acting was good but overall it was… cheesy. Crazy world we live in, huh, where people have DIFFERENT OPINIONS!

          • lucky gmail

            I was there at the first showing on opening day at the Brentwood Theater in St. Louis, Missouri. I defy you to find one soul out of the 600 there who felt that film was in any way silly. I was the Dist. Manager for the exhibitor showing the film and immediately after the Premier performance we were told by the police we had to have paramedics on duty INSIDE the theater for EVERY showing due to the fact so many in the crowd became hysterical, not to mention all those who were so sickened by the gore, that vomit was everywhere. This behavior went on for at least 3 weeks. If there was ANY laughter it was nervous laughter outside the theater…either from the expectant crowd coming in or the nerve jangled crowd coming out. It was a MAD House for weeks. No exaggeration!,

        • doc

          Once again, Shaun of the Dead.

        • twobitcoder

          Remember The Fourth Kind (Milla Jovovich)? The producers went so far as to create the web site mentioned in the film and fill it with real-looking science investigation materials about the cases in that fictional story. Pretty funny that they went to those lengths but hey, it’s all about the experience. Any director who tries hard to suspend disbelief should be applauded today with so much crap hitting theaters from the likes of JJAbrams and Michael Bay. If they at least _TRY_ that’s a leap beyond the norm today.

    • blame shaun of the dead.

    • doc

      Shaun of the Dead is great!

    • Paula Soveral

      I hate comedy/horror more than anything in this life… just don’t understand the huge success.

      • lucky gmail

        I have received many comments from people who claim to be “in the know” that say real horror ALWAYS has an element of comedy to it. What’s up with THAT? Maybe the fact that the people who feel that way are the ones who are thought of as “in the know” is exactly what is causing the genre to circle the bowl…so to speak! Any thoughts?

        • Paula Soveral

          Well… I disagree with the fact that real horror always has an element of comedy. I’d say maybe a funny dialog at the beginning of the movie, while things are still ok…? Not sure about that, though. If you watch The Conjuring, which to me is the best modern horror film, there’s no element of comedy in the happenings at all! It’s tension from beginning to end… THAT’S WHAT MAKES A GOOD HORROR MOVIE. There’s a huge difference between adding comedy in a dialog or situation that’s not a tense moment, than making things go “goofy” while running away from a zombie, for example.

          Everyone might like Shaun of the Dead (I personally don’t) but I consider this movie a comedy… only because I can’t find the horror element in it. But honestly, that’s just an opinion of a girl that’s been watching horror filmes since she was 8 years old and it’s a little bit… picky 🙂

  • David Tucker

    Actually, not a bad list!

  • Super Attack-Mode Jesus

    I couldn’t believe Sharknado was an 82% so I looked it up. What? The? Hell?

    • Mike Mitchell

      No accounting for good taste

      • or lack thereof

      • Philip J. Fry

        Ha! A Scream reference.

    • MaxImhout

      It’s so horrible it’s good. Seriously.

      • Super Attack-Mode Jesus

        Meh. If I want something like that I’ll watch MST3K or Rifftrax.

  • Salcat

    Great list – bummer Netflix doesn’t stream most of these movies outside the US.

  • Dennis Finan Jr

    A girl walks home at night was overhyped garbage

  • twobitcoder

    Take a look at an overlooked horror film, CONTRACTED (2013), that totally creeped me out. Should be on this list (Netflix stream). Najarra Townsend delivers a believable performance of a girl who is date raped and contracts a disturbing disease. There is a holy-crap ending. This is how it all started. 🙂

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