Will Ferrell Nixes "Elf 2" But Digs "Old School 2"?

by | September 20, 2006 | Comments

Moviehole has an interview coming up with popular funnyman Will Ferrell, and the curly-haired kook had a few interesting things to say about a handful of possible sequels…

From Moviehole: "In an interview with Moviehole today, Will Ferrell denounced plans for an "Elf 2" stating that although it was in the works – New Line had tried to talk him into doing a sequel to the family comedy hit – he rejected the idea.

"Elf 2 got killed," says Ferrell. "I killed Elf 2."

New Line’s Toby Emmerich said they would only ever do the sequel – which New Line exec VP of production Kent Alterman was rumoured to be directing – if it were with Will. Since its not, it isn’t happening.

As for "Old School 2," that’s still a possibility. "Old School 2 is apparently being written," he says."

Click here for the report, and check back later in the week for Moviehole’s full-length interview piece.