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What to Watch This Week: Expend4bles, American Horror Story, and More

This week's recommendations also include a prequel TV series set in the world of John Wick, the final season of an acclaimed Netflix comdey, and a spooky horror flick.

by | September 22, 2023 | Comments

Along with the fourth installment of an ever-expending action franchise, is a prequel series set in the world of John Wick, a horror series back for season 12, the final hoorah for a popular Netflix comedy series, and a scary movie just in time for celebrating Halloween too early.

Exploding into theaters is the action flick The Expendables 4 – err, Expend4bles, rather.

The first reason to rejoin this fun franchise is that it returns some familiar faces from previous films like Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, and Sylvester Stallone. And expanding on that – or would it be expending? – are some fresh faces, including Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Megan Fox, and Andy Garcia.

And speaking of the aforementioned Sly Stallone, another reason to consider this movie is that it marks his last go as Barney Ross, the leader of the Expendables. Statham’s Lee Christmas is expected to take over as leader for this and future films. And what a gift that will be, fittingly.

And probably the biggest reason to check out Expend4bles is that the franchise is moving back to the good old R rating after No. 3 went the PG-13 route for the first time, which backfired with fans – aka it made less money and is the only one in the franchise with a poor audience score. Hopefully this one does better.

Where to Watch: In theaters

And ruffling some feathers – in a good way – on Peacock this week is The Continental. This three-part miniseries is a prequel set in the world of John Wick, the four-film movie franchise that has pulled in over a billion dollars and built a strong fan base along the way. So yeah, a pretty convincing reason to try this one.

Another is that it goes back 40 years to tell the story of how The Continental came to be what we know it as today: an international syndicate of luxury hotels catering to big-time criminals, where assassination assignments are safely exchanged. No big deal.

And thirdly, in telling that story, there will be a couple of familiar characters. That includes one of the central figures, Winston Scott, played by Ian McShane in the movies and by Colin Woodell in this series. And we’ll see his right hand man Charon, played by the late Lance Reddick in the films and by Ayomide Adegun in his first role.

And it’s worth noting that Mel Gibson is part of the cast as one of the main bad guys, namely the one who was running The Continental back in the ’70s. Groovy man.

Where to Watch: Peacock

Horrifyingly and yet also gently returning to FX is American Horror Story: Delicate. This marks the 12th season of this popular anthology series, and all previous 11 seasons are Fresh on the Tomatometer, which is an impressive first reason to add this horror story to your list.

The second reason is that some of the series regulars are once again doing their series regular thing, like Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, and Denis O’Hare. And joining them are first-timers such as Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne. Now you’re intrigued, we can tell.

Reason three is that the story for Delicate is based on the new novel Delicate Condition by Daniell Valentine. It’s about a woman who is convinced that someone is going to great lengths to keep her from getting pregnant, yet none of the men in her life believe her. To top it all off, judging by the early reviews, it looks like Delicate will continue the series’ Fresh streak on the Tomatometer.

Where to Watch: FX/Hulu

Premiering on Netflix this week is the fourth season of the comedy series Sex Education. The first three seasons of this popular show are all Certified Fresh on the Tomatometer, which is a certifiably good reason to try this one out, or stick with it.

Another reason is that the series, which revolves around a sex therapist’s socially awkward son and his underground sex therapy clinic at high school, finds the main cast of characters going off to college, which leads to a whole new set of challenges.

And a third reason is that this will mark the final season of the show, and it will include Emmy-winning Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy, who joins the cast as a college writing instructor.

Where to Watch: Netflix

And lastly, because at least two of your neighbors have already put up Halloween decorations, we’re recommending the supernatural horror movie It Lives Inside.

An interesting premise is the first reason to scare yourself into this one, as it follows an American high school girl of Indian origin who does her best to deny her heritage to try and fit in, until a friend is overtaken by a demonic spirit, and accepting that heritage is the only way to defeat it.

Megan Suri is the star of this one, which is another great reason to check it out, considering she has already been great in the Netflix teen comedy Never Have I Ever and the indie flick The MisEducation of Bindu.

And if you’re just waiting to see what the critics think, wait no more: It Lives Inside is currently hovering around 64% on the Tomatometer with over 50 reviews and plenty more to come.

Where to Watch: In theaters

Hopefully our recommendations helped you fill up your entertainment calendar this weekend. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you watched, whether it was on this list or not!

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