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The Interview With the Vampire Cast on the Vampire Bond and Life Across Time

Jacob Anderson, Sam Reid, Delainey Hayles, and more talk about the upcoming new season of AMC's hit adaptation of the popular Anne Rice novel series.

by | May 10, 2024 | Comments


AMC’s hit adaptation of Anne Rice’s popular novel series is finally coming back for its second season after wowing both critics and audiences with its first season back in 2022. The new season of Interview with the Vampire picks up after the revelations of the shocking season 1 finale, following up with Louis (Jacob Anderson), Claudia (Delainey Hayles), and Lestat (Sam Reid).

Ahead of its premiere, Anderson, Hayles, Reid, and co-stars Eric Bogosian, and Assad Zaman, as well as creator and executive producer Rolin Jones and executive producer Mark Johnson, spoke with Rotten Tomatoes correspondent Karama Horne about the upcoming season. The stars talked about the vampire bond between one another, the new life Louis and Claudia have started in Paris, what it’s like playing a vampire across many different time periods, and more.

Karama Horne for Rotten Tomatoes: Now that you’ve shot two seasons of Interview with the Vampire, what are your reflections on Lestat and Louis’ relationship? Is it love, or is it just a vampire bond gone awry?

Jacob Anderson: Love, right? It’s like the deepest, most upsetting kind of love that you could possibly experience, which, the vampire bond is tied into that, right?

Jacob Anderson and Delainey Hayles in Interview with the Vampire: Season 2 (2024)

(Photo by Larry Horricks/AMC)

Sam Reid: Yeah, but I mean, there’s the vampire bond between Lestat and Claudia, as well, in terms of maker and fledgling, or whatever you want to use. But yeah, I think Louis and Lestat are… It’s dark. It’s bleak. It’s painful. You can only love someone in that capacity when you can destroy someone in that capacity. So the love for each other that they have is cyclical.

Anderson: You can’t love someone or something that you could never hate, that you could never have the capacity to hate, and you can’t hate someone unless you love them enough to care enough to hate.

Watch the video for the full interview with Jacob Anderson, Sam Reid, Delainey Hayles, Eric Bogosian, Assad Zaman, Rolin Jones, and Mark Johnson.

Interview With the Vampire: Season 2 (2024) premieres on AMC on May 12, 2024.

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