"The Dark Knight" to Visit Baltimore?

by | January 11, 2007 | Comments

Between two excellent performances in two of the year’s more entertaining movies ("The Prestige" and "Children of Men"), Michael Caine has had a pretty good year — but he’s got a pair of pretty promising projects underway: A remake of "Sleuth" with Jude Law and a little sequel called "The Dark Knight."

According to an interview between Mr. Caine and Army Archerd, "The Dark Knight" will be shooting in London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and … Baltimore, Maryland!

Regarding that remake of "Sleuth" (which Caine insists is not a true remake), Caine will co-star with Jude Law. Kenneth Branagh is directing from an adapted screenplay by Harold Pinter.

But back to the "Batman Begins" sequel again: Caine claims to have read the screenplay — but he was only allowed to do so with director Christopher Nolan hanging in the background. (Obviously the production team wants to keep the spoiler material under close guard.) That’s pretty much all we have for this update, but you can rest assured that we’ll be covering the heck out of "The Dark Knight" for the next several months.