That Southland Tales Movie Will (Finally) Hit the Screens!

Follow-up from "Darko" director...

by | July 25, 2007 | Comments

We’ve heard a lot about Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales since it debuted (to much controversy) at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival … but it’s about to hit the screens.

The Hollywood Reporter informs us that Samuel Goldwyn Films will distribute Mr. Kelly’s sophomore effort on November 9th. It’ll be a joint effort between Goldwyn, Destination Films, and Sony — and it’ll undoubtedly be a pretty small “limited” release. But hey, a theatrical release of some form is one big step on the way to a DVD release — and given the amount of misery that’s gone along with this flick, I’m definitely looking forward to the director’s commentary.

For his part, Kelly (whom, as you all know by now, directed the cult favorite Donnie Darko) will be in attendance at this week’s Comic Con and signing the new teaser posters. Regarding the ‘final’ version of the movie, here’s what the director told THR: “The time and additional visual effects that were added have allowed me to achieve my original vision for Southland Tales…”

Decide for yourself in November!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter