Sunny Talks "Snakes"

by | May 2, 2006 | Comments

The internet’s been a’buzzin’ with talk of this crazy little "Snakes on a Plane" flick, and chimes in with a brief chat with sexy "Snakes" star Sunny Mabrey.

"I play a flight attendant with Julianna Margulies and a couple other actors as well," she says. "Pretty much the whole movie is on that plane so it’s pretty terrifying and funny and sad… it’s a little bit of everything." Mabrey added that working with Margulies was "great, so much fun. We’re both big game people so we’d always go to somebody’s house or apartment or trailer and play games."

Mabrey also revealed a bit more about the snakes used in the film. "We used a ton of real snakes, everything you can imagine from garden snakes to 20-foot Burmese pythons. We also used CGI of course and rubber snakes, very realistic-looking rubber snakes."

Red-blooded males will undoubtedly remember Ms. Mabrey from her work in "Species 3" and "xXx: State of the Union." Her "One Last Thing" (which I enjoyed a whole lot) will hit DVD later this month.