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RT Now Features Passwordless Authentication

Our new log-in process offers a streamlined way to access your user profiles and avoid having to remember — and reset — those pesky passwords.

by | August 15, 2022 | Comments

Starting today, Rotten Tomatoes will offer passwordless authentication for all user accounts, making it quicker and easier to access your information. You’ll be able to sign in directly through Google or Facebook and won’t need to confirm your email address. Nothing else will change; we just wanted to make sure you could get into your account faster and more securely. Here’s what the new log-in prompt looks like:

Passwordless authentication provides a more streamlined experience for a few reasons. First, it means one less password for you to remember (yay!), which also means if you ever forgot your password before, you won’t have to go through that pesky password reset process again (double yay!).

So how does it work? It’s pretty easy and, we think, fairly intuitive.

When you come to RT and click on the LOG IN button, a pop-up window will appear, offering you options to continue via Facebook, Google, or the email address tied to your RT user account. When you do this, an email will be sent to your associated email address. Simply open that email, tap the authentication button, and you’re in!

The system will keep you logged in until you choose to sign out, whether that’s the same day or half a year later. And if you do sign out, simply request another link and you’ll be logged in again. It’s a straightforward, more secure process that also saves you a lot of time in the long run, and we all know that precious time would be better spent watching your favorite films and TV shows.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience here on Rotten Tomatoes, and we hope this “set it and forget it” approach will offer a convenient, streamlined process to set up and access your user accounts. So log in, rest easy, and enjoy everything RT has to offer.