Roland Emmerich's Next Goes Back to "10,000 B.C."

by | October 5, 2005 | Comments

The director of "Godzilla," "The Day After Tomorrow," and "Stargate" will be heading back to prehistory for his next big-budget epic, says Variety. From filmmaker Roland Emmerich comes "10,000 B.C"!

"Emmerich and composer Harald Kloser wrote the drama, which follows three stages in the development of primitive man.

"10,000 B.C." centers on a 21-year-old who lives among a primitive tribe that survives by hunting a mammoth each year as the herd migrates through the tribe’s homeland.

The project is akin to Mel Gibson‘s period drama "Apocalypto," in that both films are set in an obscure period and will not be star-driven, but have tentpole aspirations. Emmerich, who’s looking for unknowns, will begin open casting sessions in late October.

While "Apocalypto" is being filmed in a Mayan dialect, the characters in "10,000 B.C." will speak English."