Portman Party Pooper: Natalie Won't Be Nude

by | July 12, 2006 | Comments

After a few exhilarating days of hopeful speculation, the dreams of "Star Wars" fanboys everywhere have been crushed as Natalie Portman will not, repeat not, appear nude in her political period piece, "Goya’s Ghosts." Sorry, guys.

Portman stars in the Milos Forman period piece as Ines, the muse of Spanish painter Francisco Goya, who is wrongfully imprisoned as a heretic; rumor had it she would appear completely naked in at least one torture scene. As a result, the internet nearly imploded as just about every fanboy rejoiced to the news.

Dream on, fanboys, dream on…

Unfortunately for them, the rumor has been debunked. Access Hollywood burst the bubble when they asked Portman’s rep for confirmation; while there is indeed a nude torture scene, it is performed by a body double and not by Portman herself. From Access Hollywood:

"It is a body double and the double is in profile and shadow. You see nothing."

Fans still salivating at the thought of a naked Natalie may well be waiting indefinitely, since the actress has repeatedly stated her aversion to doing nudity in films and notoriously asked for the exclusion of her naked strip scene in "Closer" (the scene was replaced with a tamer, thong-ier version).