New Spy Hunter Game to Precede New Spy Hunter Movie

by | May 15, 2006 | Comments

"Spy Hunter: The Movie" might not be hitting the screens until next July, but fans of The Rock — and the old-school original video game — will undoubtedly want to check their game stores in September. That’s when "Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run," starring (of course) The Rock, will arrive for console gamers.

According to Yahoo!, "When "Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run" ships to video stores in September, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will become the first Hollywood action star to step into the role of an original character for the video game and its big-screen adaptation.

Johnson stars as U.S. superspy Alex Decker, providing his voice, likeness and motion-captured performance for the Midway Games release. Later this year, the former wrestler is signed on to bring Decker to the big screen in John Woo‘s big-budget Universal Pictures summer tentpole release for July 2007."

More a bit more info on the game and the flick, click here.