New on DVD & Blu-Ray: American Sniper, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and More

by | May 18, 2015 | Comments

This week on home video, we’ve got Clint Eastwood’s uber-successful war film starring Bradley Cooper, a comedy sequel that misfired badly, and some worthwhile TV to catch up on. Read on for details:

American Sniper (2014) 73%

For his latest film, director Clint Eastwood chose the story of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, who served four tours of duty in Iraq and racked up so many kills that he earned the nickname “Legend.” Based on Kyle?s own autobiography of the same name, the film splits time between Kyle’s (played by Bradley Cooper) exploits in battle — where his reputation earns him a rivalry with a deadly enemy sniper — and his life at home — where he marries his wife (Sienna Miller), has kids, and finds it difficult to readjust. Though some have criticized the film for its historical accuracy, most critics agreed that Eastwood’s direction and some fine performances work to deliver a gripping story. American Sniper went on to gross over $500 million at the box office, and it earned six Oscar nominations (including Best Picture and Best Actor for Cooper’s performance), winning one for Best Sound Editing. Politics aside, it’s one of the better war films to come out in recent memory, and it received a Certified Fresh 73 percent on the Tomatometer.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015) 14%

Back in 2010, Hot Tub Time Machine proved it was more than a joke title when it earned fairly positive reviews and some decent money. Whether or not its premise was ripe for a second go-round, though, was decidedly answered by its successor, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, which didn’t even earn back its $14 million budget. The film follows up with three of the four previous time travelers (John Cusack wisely opted out), who this time jump to the future in pursuit of a mysterious assailant who has shot Lou (Rob Corddry) in his naughty parts. Looking for Adam, they meet his son (Adam Scott) instead, and together, the gang attempt to solve the mystery. Most critics felt HTTM2 was a lazily written, juvenile exercise in potty humor and unlikable characters, earning it a paltry 14 percent on the Tomatometer. You’re probably better off seeking out an actual hot tub and soaking for a couple hours.



Leviathan (2014) (99 percent), the Certified Fresh Best Foreign Language Film Oscar nominee from Russia about a man and his wife battling to keep the land that has been in his family for generations.
Strange Magic (2015) (18 percent), an animated musical fairy tale about goblins, elves, and the like fighting each other over a magical potion.
Orange Is the New Black‘s second season, Certified Fresh at 97 percent, is available on DVD and Blu-ray.
Boardwalk Empire is now available in a Complete Series Boxset on DVD or Blu-ray.
Welcome to Sweden‘s first season (82 percent) is available on DVD.
Glee‘s sixth season, as well as a complete series set, is available.