Jolie Ready for Another Trip to the "Tomb"?

by | April 24, 2006 | Comments

IGN FilmForce brings us some maybe-news from semi-reliable sources: Seems that Ms. Angelina Jolie may be grabbing hold of her pistols once again — and stepping into "Tomb Raider 3" — but only after she’s had Brad Pitt’s baby, loses a little weight, and comes back from Africa.

""Paramount has optioned [Tomb Raider III] and Angelina has agreed to star in the third," Ian Livingstone — fantasy author, Eidos co-founder, and creator of Lara Croft — told the paper. Eidos Interactive, now owned by SCi, created the wildly popular computer and console game series based on the adventures of archaeologist Lara Croft. The franchise continues to be popular with the release of the company’s latest game, ‘Tomb Raider: Legend.’"

For the rest of the so-far story, check IGNFF.