Grant Curtis and Kirsten Dunst Talk "Spidey 3"

by | October 23, 2006 | Comments

In a pair of recent interviews, two of the folks behind the "Spider-Man" series shared a few little tidbits on what we might expect to find in the third entry, which hits theaters next summer. Producer Grant Curtis and leading lady Kirsten Dunst are the ones doing the talking.

From "On the movie front, Sam and Bob are editing on a daily basis and we continue to meet with visual effects supervisor Scott Stokdyk and his team from Sony Pictures Imageworks to go over the latest visual effects shots. Additionally, a couple weeks ago Scott was quite busy overseeing a miniature shoot we did with Ian Hunter and David Sanger of New Deal Studios. Ian, David and their talented team built a portion of a skyscraper at 1/16 scale and then proceeded to rip portions of it apart per the action taking place in Sam’s storyboards and animatic."

And from a lengthy interview at IGN FilmForce: "IGN: Tell us a little more about Mary Jane. Where is she going?

Dunst: Well, she’s an actress on Broadway and… I don’t know. I never know what to say and what not to say (laughs).

IGN: At a previous junket you talked about Venom.

Dunst: I didn’t say anything about that. I was in a room with journalists and they mentioned who was playing certain villains and I had seen it on Internet Movie Database, and I asked my publicist Steven. I was like, "Isn’t it out?" And he was like, "Yeah, yeah." So I asked before I said; so it was miscommunication by the studio.

IGN: So you let a secret out.

Dunst: Yeah, but they should have gone down what they should have had kept secret. Nobody communicated to us about that. To me, I thought it was out. I mean, it kind of was, but it wasn’t I guess just kind of directly confirmed by anybody. But whatever… I don’t think it’s going to stop anybody from going to see the movie."

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