Friday Harvest: Iron Man 2 videos, Inception pics, and more!

The week's best pictures, videos, and posters!

by | May 7, 2010 | Comments

Happy Friday Harvest, a weekly round-up of the
best pictures, posters, and videos that have become available for
viewing/download on Rotten Tomatoes. Each section features the favorite or most
interesting item we’ve
added for the week, along with several other new highlights. Enjoy!


Picture Gallery of the Week:

Iron Man 2

Thought you were done with Iron Man 2 monopolizing the Picture Gallery of
the Week awards, didn’t you? Nope! See some new stills from the movie, added
last minute by Paramount. Browse the gallery.

More New Pictures

Happiness Runs
Hippie sex!
The A-Team
New pics
Knight & Day
Cruise goes krazy
Prince of

New pics
Robin Hood
50+ pics!


Poster of the Week:


Finally, a summer blockbuster poster that doesn’t use floating heads. In
fact, it’s rather striking how they emphasize their smallness, like pawns in
a game of mindf–k chess. View the poster.

More New Posters

Trash Humpers
Harmony Korine strikes again

Cats & Dogs
Puppy posterst
I Spit On Your

First teaser poster
New poster
The Last Airbender
Two new ones


Videos of the Week:

Iron Man 2

Whoopsie-oopsie, realizing I’m also making Iron Man 2 video of the week.
Whatever! Enjoy these cast and crew interviews and clips!
Watch the video.

More New Videos


New green band trailer

Prince of Persia

2 making-ofs

African Cats

Sequel to Oceans

Piranha 3D

Fishy trailer

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