First Look at Imagi's Astro Boy!

Metro City's robot guardian goes CGI.

by | October 8, 2007 | Comments

Osamu Takuza’s Astro Boy is coming to American screens — and Imagi Animation, the studio that’s giving him his CGI facelift, has shared the movie’s first stills with FirstShowing.

Imagi, you may recall, is the studio that brought you this year’s TMNT. Directing AstroBoy is veteran animator Colin Brady, who tells FirstShowing that his initial unfamiliarity with the character has given way to unbridled enthusiasm:

“I was intrigued with the possibility of the project. I’m in the process of educating myself about the ‘AstroBoy‘ universe, and I love what I see. ‘AstroBoy’ utilizes very classical story principles of the hero’s journey that we see in all good storytelling around the world…AstroBoy has the moral underpinning and strong emotional resonance that a lot of animation today is lacking.”

For a look at how Imagi is bringing Takuza’s beloved manga into the 21st century, click on the link below!

Source: FirstShowing