Ebert & Roeper Share Their Favorites from '05

by | January 4, 2006 | Comments

TV’s biggest and most (relatively) beloved movie critics, Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper, have announced their top ten lists for 2005, and you can either listen to the banter on their official site, or you can hang out here and just read ’em. Our way is quicker.

We’ll let Mr. Roeper go first:

10. "The 40-Year-Old Virgin"
9. "Walk the Line"
8. "A History of Violence"
7. "Brokeback Mountain"
6. "Capote"
5. "Nine Lives"
4. "Munich"
3. "Crash"
2. "The New World"
1. "Syriana"

Roger Ebert’s Top Ten?

10. "Millions"
9. "Yes"
8. "King Kong"
7. "Nine Lives"
6. "Me and You and Everyone We Know"
5. "Brokeback Mountain"
4. "Junebug"
3. "Munich"
2. "Syriana"
1. "Crash"

So the guys share five picks, which seems a little silly, but hey … they’re the world’s most popular film critics and I’m just a movie geek who put "Serenity" in his top ten. Still, it’s cool to see "Millions," "Junebug," and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" get some extra attention.

What’s your Top Ten look like, anyway?