Clive Barker's "Train" Gets Scheduled

by | May 18, 2006 | Comments

Fans of the old-school Clive Barker madness will be pretty psyched to learn that one of his very best ‘Books of Blood’ stories, "The Midnight Meat Train," is about to make the leap to the silver screen. And if you’re a horror fan and you haven’t read the Books of Blood, I’d say head on over to eBay and drop a few bucks.

From Variety: "Lakeshore Entertainment and Lionsgate are partnering on the suspense-thriller "Midnight Train," based on the short story by Clive Barker and to be directed by Patrick Tatopoulos. Production will begin this summer. Lionsgate will release the pic in the U.S. next year and is selling international rights at Cannes. Pic, which is based on Barker’s short story "Midnight Meat Train" from his "Books of Blood Series," follows the story of Leon, a Gotham-based photographer whose efforts to track down "the subway butcher" lead to an unholy secret. Jeff Buhler adapted the screenplay."

First-time director Patrick Tatopoulos is a production designer and FX guru, having worked on films such as "Silent Hill," "Underworld," and "Pitch Black."

Films with the Clive Barker stamp on ’em include "Lord of Illusions," "Nightbreed," and "Hellraiser."