Cate Blanchett Joins "Indy 4" Cast

by | March 16, 2007 | Comments

She tends to focus on artsier films, but Cate Blanchett isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and star in a good old-fashioned popcorn flick; to prove it, she’s just signed on to star opposite Harrison Ford in "Indiana Jones IV," ostensibly the final installment in one of the most successful thrill rides in cinematic history.

The film’s screenplay is being kept under wraps, so there aren’t any details about the character Blanchett will be playing, but according to the Hollywood Reporter, it’ll be a starring role.

Blanchett in "Babel"

First, however, she’ll reprise her queenly role in the sequel to "Elizabeth," "The Golden Age," star with Brad Pitt in David Fincher’s "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and provide voicework for Wes Anderson’s "The Fantastic Mr. Fox." "Indiana Jones IV" — which, as of this very moment, does not star Shia LaBeouf — is scheduled for a May 23, 2008 release.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter