Batman Bits: A New Mayor and Harvey Dent's Campaign Poster

by | May 18, 2007 | Comments

Here’s a few little tidbits to keep you "Batman" freaks happy…

Remember a few days back when we showed you that one-page "Dark Knight" website? Looks like there’s a new addition over there: A campaign poster for Harvey Dent, potential district attorney of Gotham who looks a whole lot like Aaron Eckhart.

We also just got word that Nestor Carbonell has joined the cast. He’ll be playing the mayor of Gotham City. You may remember Carbonell from his work in "Smokin’ Aces" or as the only funny character on that "Suddenly Susan" sitcom — but the superhero geeks will recall the actor’s turn as "Batmanuel" on Fox’s short-lived "Tick" series.

And in case we didn’t cover this before, it looks like Eric Roberts will be playing a gangster called Sal Maroni, aka the bad man who helped turn Harvey Dent into the villainous Two-Face.

Source: IGN Movies