"Bat" Bits: Teaser in December and ... Anthony Michael Hall?

by | May 21, 2007 | Comments

That freaky "Dark Knight" website that we’ve been talking about … has been changed. Plus, Anthony Michael Hall joins the cast, but won’t say who he’s playing!

The "Dead Zone" star recently flew over to London to start production on the "Batman Begins" sequel, but his "busy time" on the project won’t be shot until August. According to Mr. Hall, who signed a confidentiality agreement and is apparently pretty serious about honoring it, he has some scenes with Morgan Freeman and appears "throughout the whole movie," but that’s all the scoop he’d spill … so far.

In other Bat-news, that creepy promotional website we talked about yesterday has undergone a few changes. Click through it to find out a hidden message, but the bottom line is this statement: "See You in December" The logical assumption is that December is when we’ll get some kind of teaser trailer. Cool.

Source: LA Daily News, ComingSoon.net