Anthony Michael Hall's The Dark Knight Role Revealed?

He'll always be Farmer Ted to us.

by | August 22, 2007 | Comments

Hey, it’s been a couple of days — why not do an item about possible Dark Knight spoilers? You know you want ’em, and IGN Movies — reporting on a HollywoodChicago story — has ’em!

Today’s news relates to TDK casting; specifically, the role to be played by Anthony Michael Hall. The erstwhile Brat Packer, whose long descent into the direct-to-video subterranean ended with critically lauded appearances in the TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley and the USA Network series The Dead Zone, announced his participation in The Dark Knight in the spring, but further details have been kept under wraps.

Until now. If you can’t resist seeing another piece of The Dark Knight‘s puzzle, go on and click through to the link below — but we warn you: Beyond this place lie spoilers. Whatever you do, be careful not to spill any beans here in the comments. Some of us still like being surprised when the lights go down in the theater.

Source: IGN Movies