Another Viral Video on J.J. Abrams' Top Secret Flick

Is it wrong to want to remain in the dark?

by | July 24, 2007 | Comments

Gotta love the clever marketing campaigns. Seems like every day we get some new info on this “Cloverfield” flick. And now comes a new piece of video.

“Cloverfield” is not the actual title, so it doesn’t earn the italics yet, but I must admit that I’m enjoying the ‘top secret’ nature of the project. (It’s totally true: I even have a friend who’s working on the FX for the flick — and he wouldn’t tell me ANYthing!)

But check out our source below for some brand-new behind-the-scenes footage on the as-yet-untitled project. I’m still guessing it’s a monster movie, but that seems pretty obvious at this point. Frankly I’d rather maintain the surprise for as long as possible. In today’s movie world, we don’t get to enjoy many surprises.

Source: Shock Till You Drop