A Few Random "Dark Knight" Nuggets

by | December 7, 2006 | Comments

Poor Heath Ledger is out there on the circuit trying to promote his indie flick "Candy" — and all he’s getting are "The Dark Knight" questions! Ah well, I suppose it’s better than being unemployed, eh Heath?

From IGN Movies: "Oscar nominee Heath Ledger has been inundated with questions about his upcoming role as The Joker in The Dark Knight while he’s been out promoting his new film Candy.

Ledger views the Clown Prince of Crime as a "pure anarchist," according to MercuryNews.com. "I still feel like it’s a character I’ve never done before, and I’m going to be donning a mask [figuratively]. I’m not really thinking about the commercial consequences. Maybe I should be. But at this point, it’s just an exciting next step."

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