Winter TV Scorecard 2016

Crashing: Season 1 (2017)

Adjusted Score: 91594%
Critics Consensus: The refreshingly goofy Crashing embraces a measured positivity and an overall sweetness that sets it apart from its more sardonic contemporaries.

Adjusted Score: 95463%
Critics Consensus: The Expanse's second season offers more of the show's excellent signature production values while increasing character development and politically thrilling narratives.

Adjusted Score: 94026%
Critics Consensus: Trollhunters manages to capture del Toro's enthusiasm for telling monster stories, in a youthful and more colorful fashion that may well earn him a new generation of fans.

Legion: Season 1 (2017)

Adjusted Score: 95184%
Critics Consensus: Bold, intelligent, and visually arresting, Legion is a masterfully surreal and brilliantly daring departure from traditional superhero conceits.

Adjusted Score: 97588%
Critics Consensus: Enjoyably dark, A Series of Unfortunate Events matches the source material's narrative as well as its tone, leaving viewers with a wonderfully weird, dry, gothic comedy.

Adjusted Score: 98394%
Critics Consensus: One Day at a Time breathes fresh life into the classic Norman Lear original with a lively, sharp, and proudly old-school sitcom bolstered by a surfeit of heart and terrific performances from Rita Moreno and Justina Machado.

The New Edition Story (2017)

Synopsis: A three-part miniseries, "The New Edition Story" follows the R&B/pop group from their humble beginnings as kids in Boston to... [More]

Colony: Season 2 (2017)

Adjusted Score: 39852%
Critics Consensus:

Scandal: Season 6 (2017)

Adjusted Score: 95264%
Critics Consensus: As shocking and thrilling as ever, Scandal eases into its sixth season with as much confidence as Olivia Pope herself.

Baskets: Season 2 (2017)

Adjusted Score: 59848%
Critics Consensus:

Bates Motel: Season 5 (2017)

Adjusted Score: 100396%
Critics Consensus: Bates Motel's final season brings the franchise full circle, with a satisfyingly creepy conclusion to the trials and tribulations of Norman Bates.

Adjusted Score: 100027%
Critics Consensus: Gael Garcia Bernal's winning performance harmonizes rapturously with the series' romantic take on artistic endeavor to create a generous helping of winsome escapism.

Imposters: Season 1 (2017)

Adjusted Score: 86577%
Critics Consensus: Imposters meshes slapstick comedy, top-notch writing, unexpected twists, and a noteworthy lead performance, with satisfying -- and surprisingly ambitious -- results.

Billions: Season 2 (2017)

Adjusted Score: 89064%
Critics Consensus: An influx of new characters and a fresh narrative twist give Billions an added boost during its thoroughly entertaining second season.

Adjusted Score: 100219%
Critics Consensus: The Hollow Crown deftly demonstrates that even the Bard's most obscure work can be sumptuous appointment viewing -- saving Benedict Cumberbatch's riveting incarnation of Richard III as a parting treat.

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